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Research Fort Donelson: From 11th to 16th February 1862 (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This is a Journal using 300 to 600 words answer the following question: Given that the Union and Confederate forces were equally matched at Fort Donelson, what factors do you feel played an important role in the Unions victory? reading materials below and 2 PDF files attached:


Fort Donelson
Fort Donelson battle was fought from 11th to 16th February 1862 after the Union forces had captured Fort Henry on 6th February. The battle was between the Union forces and the confederates of the South in the American civil war. The Union forces fought to reclaim the south which still embraced slavery. The Union won the war as the confederates surrendered and there were various reasons why they were defeated.
When the Union forces captured the Confederate Fort near the Tennessee-Kentucky, the Cumberland River boarder was opened and this was a great invasion opening of the south. From Fort Henry to Fort Donelson, Union forces had to walk 19 kilometers on a bad road. This was a tiresome journey since they also had to carry their weapons as they walked. To cut the supply of weapons from the north to the south, union forces cut the railway rails that connected the two fronts. This alienation from the North had an impact since the North was the producer of weapons and also agricultural wise the North was superior to the south (Gott, 2011).
Another difference that was evident in the battle was with the leadership of both sides. Confederates military adviser and field commander Robert Lee favored a defensive strategy that involved being offensive at times when necessary; he favored an offensive-defensive strategy of battle (Hamilton, 1968). This did not work well for them and Lee did not change the ...
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