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Harriet Tubman Contributions to Military Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I need this type of outline to go with the essay paper.
I. Introduction
A. Attention
B. Motivation
C. Overview (State Main Points)
II. Body
A. Main point 1
1. Sub-point
2. Sub-point
** Transition sentence from MP1 to MP2***
B. Main point 2
1. Sub-point
2. Sub-point
III. Conclusion
A. Summary (Review Main Points)
B. Remotivation
C. Closing


Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman was born into slavery as Araminta Ross and as a child, she experienced the cruel and abusive nature of slave masters that resulted in her suffering a head injury that led to seizures. She changed her first name to Harriet when she married a free black man in 1844. In 1849, after the sudden death of her master, Harriet was determined to escape rather than be sold and be separated from her family. She managed to escape, and she settled in Philadelphia where she supported herself by doing odd jobs.
After the escape word come that her niece and her children were to be sold. Harriet went back to Maryland, and she sneaked them safely to Philadelphia with the help of her brother-in-law. This was the beginning of her liberation of many other slaves. She liberated many slaves on her own before meeting the abolitionist with whom she joined the Union Army hence helping to liberate a further number of slaves.
On her own, Harriet Tubman had the will and urge to liberate slaves from the hands of brutal masters. After saving her niece, she did not stop there. Instead, she went ahead and saved her family members too. For 11 years, 1950-1961, she saved more than 70 slaves from Maryland and helped more than 50 to escape to Canada. (Petry, 2015).
At a later stage, after working for the Union Army, Harriet would use her money to establish the Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged. She also concentrated on the issue of women rights with the vigor she used to champion for abolition too. Tubman would later on, after the head injury, join her Home for the Aged since she was penniless and she died there in 1911.
Harriet offered her services to the Union Army from 1961 initially as a volunteer nurse, cook and washing clothes. She would, later on, become a spy and a commander leading troops to liberate slaves. When she was recruited in the Union Army, she was assigned to assist fugitives by providing nursing services, cooking for them and the soldiers and also washing clothes. She knew the roots that cured diseases such as typhoid, cholera and yellow fever and so she cured both soldiers and fugitives. At the same time, she was a spy and collected information while doing her nursing services.
When the blacks were allowed to join the military in 1863, Tubman was made the commander of the scouts in charge of espionage. She was to come up with lifelines and escape routes for slaves. It was Tubman who lead a troop of 150 black soldiers on the night of June 2nd, 1863, in an attack known as the Combahee River raid liberating 750 slaves. Tubman would later return to New York after Civil War.
As discussed above, Tubman played an important role...
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