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Patient Satisfaction Quality Improvement Project: Culture of Safety, Caring, And Collaboration (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Patient Satisfaction Quality Improvement Project


Patient Satisfaction Quality Improvement Project: Culture of Safety, Caring, And Collaboration
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Executive Summary
The focus of this paper is to offer a foundation for quality improvement in the healthcare system by offering a framework for achieving efficiency in safety, caring, and collaboration. The quality improvement entails systematic and continuous action that facilitates achievement of measurable improvements in the health care and the health status of the target groups. The quality improvement initiative in the project focuses on three aims that are improving safety for the patient and the workers, improving the patient experience in care, and maintaining a collaborative environment during the change process. The undertakings in the project are to integrate with other health care programs in different ways to ensure there is a more coordinated and patient-centered care while reducing the risks and expenses incurred. The entire process involves continuous learning and shaping the procedures and processes to ensure they align with the organizational objectives. Also, the initiative will focus on coordination of roles and responsibilities to ensure that the people contribute effectively to facilitate change without compromising the quality of health care. The initiative will rely on support from the leadership through technical and management contributions. The significance of the initiative to providing quality health care is the fundamental driver of the change program.
The implementation of change through projects that facilitate increased quality of care follows guidelines that are provided for by laws and policies formulated at the organizational and national level. Policy reforms at the global level are also centered on regulating and stimulating change in the health care delivery system. These provisions have also had an impact on the activities of caregivers by consolidating their mandate in the health care system, and not derailing health care provision as a result of discordant and outdated undertakings. The policies and laws have been central to ensuring sustainability in quality health care, preventing malpractice, ensuring safety, and maintaining a viable work environment. Such factors are embedded in the Affordable Care Act (Hall & Lord, 2014).
In the recent past, there have been calls for the improvement of the health care systems. Various studies that address the need for strategic changes as well as government reports inform on the need for change in the core aspects of caregiving that include safety, caring, and cooperation. A statistical analysis by Sentinel Event Alert (2015) shows that there has been an increase in falls resulting in injury that compromise patient safety. For instance, in the USA, approximated 700,000 and 1,000,000 falls occur in the hospital setting, with 30-50 percent of them leading to injury. Such cases increase the patient stay in the hospital with an average cost for a fall that results to injury reaching $14,000. Also, there is a need to reduce malpractice and patient abuse cases following the recent increase in incidents of verbal and physical patient abuse. The consequences of these situations have been an increase in cases of stress, work burnout, and high turnover due to work overload. Resultantly, the health care system needs a new approach that will foster the physical and psychological well-being of the patient and the caregiver. At the same time, there is a need for sustainability in the provision of care through effective communication, ethical sharing of information, and sharing of knowledge and skills in the organizational setting. The need for these c

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