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Nursing Leadership And Management Research Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Transformational vs Transactional Leadership
Using ANA Leadership Competencies link discuss the characteristics of exceptional leaders.
Select a leader in health care and determine if they are transformational or transactional?
Be sure to include the full name and title of the leader, cover at least four of the competencies
listed on the ANA site. with two professional references


Nursing Leadership and Management
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Nursing Leadership and Management
Leadership is an essential aspect of management towards the achievement of a common goal. Different managers adopt different leadership techniques towards building employee performance and achieving the desired objectives (Chase, 2010). Transactional leaders focus on maintaining the routine flow of operations by using disciplinary authority and numerous incentives in motivating their workers towards better performance (McCleskey, 2014). On the other hand, transformational leadership strives to go beyond routine operations and create strategies that are focused on transforming the business and employees to the next level of success (McCleskey, 2014). Both transactional and transformational leaders stick to various leadership competencies that determine their management styles.
The common competencies of successful leaders include the ability to communicate clearly with all stakeholders by presenting ideas eloquently and fluently. Competent leaders appreciate the role played by each employee towards the success of an organization by promoting employee development. They act as mentors to the junior employees, hence helping them develop their careers (American Nurses Association, 2013). They develop their employees by delegating duties, which provide substantial visibility and responsibility, thus utilizing the capabilities of others effectively. Also, successf...
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