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Tobias And The Old Man Creative Writing Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Please write a fictional short story about 5 pages that includes interesting characters, a strong plot, good dialogue (Please read instructions uploaded).


Tobias and the Old Man.
Once upon a time, there lived a young peasant named Tobias. He was alone in life as he had no home, no family, and no friends. In his search for a better life, he escaped from the farm where he was working and stumbled upon a kingdom ruled by a very greedy king who ruled through fear and unjust means. This made the kingdom have a very large delineation among the poor and the rich. Peasants and other poor people were always maltreated by those who belong to the higher class. He had come to this kingdom in search for his fortune, but he had only found pain, suffering and misery. Sometimes, he was able to get by, by working like a donkey to make a few cents. It was barely enough to sustain himself, not even a dog, which made Tobias, beg or steal just to get through his hunger.
One day, Tobias, went to the market place. In his hunger, he paced the street groggily and inattentively, looking for an opportunity to steal or pick scraps of food. He was amazed with all the good things gathered there, but he felt despair as he had no means of acquiring those goods. He was so frantic that he was not able to see where he was going that he tripped and fell upon a very old and frail-looking man. The old man was carrying 3 heavy sacks and had just recently placed it on the ground to have a quick drink from his water bag and a short rest at the side of the street. The old man was not angry, but was actually curious as to why they have crossed their paths. Tobias on the other hand was furious and shouted “Get lost you old geezer, you are blocking my way.”
Tobias was not at all interested or thinking about the ultimate reason for their meeting, while the old man called Tobias and said, “Come young lad, I see that you are troubled and tired as well, have a sip from my water”. Tobias could not turn down the offer, and helped himself with the old man's proposing. It was at this moment that he noticed the three sacks that belonged to the old man, which filled him with feelings of greed. He thought to himself that he had found his fortune as he fantasized what could be inside those sacks and how easily he could overpower the old man to gain possession of those sacks. Tobias helps the old man up, and asserted that he carry the sacks for the old man, which were actually very heavy. He said “Let me carry your sacks for you, old man, they seem too heavy for you and I might be able to help.” His words were kind, but his intentions were not. The old man replied, “I actually live outside the kingdom, towards the mountains is where my home is.” Tobias was set upon his decision and thought that it made his chances better at stealing the sacks, where no other people will see his deed; he once again lied, and presented himself to go with the old man. He said “Oh, that is the same path that I am trying to go, surely I can go with you, maybe at least part of the way.”, as he grinned devilishly when the old man accepted and turned his back to Tobias. They soon went on their way.
The old man and Tobias walked the road that led to the mountains, and as they hiked, the old man brought out some food he had bought in the market and gave some to Tobias. Tobias ate to his heart's content. It made him feel satisfied with his stomach full, and as they continued to walk, he once again noticed how heavy the sacks were, and remembered his intentions. He asked the old man, “What do you carry in these sacks?”
The old simply looked him in the eye, and did not answer his question. Instead, the old man said “I will show you a companion who could alleviate your suffering and your sorrows. He will be able to share with you wisdom about the ways of this world and enlighten you with knowledge of your fate and your life.” T...

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