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Disney company Accounting, Finance, SPSS Resesrch Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


pls answer the following questions


ACCT 743: Accounting Information System Risks and Controls Report 2 Instructions 30 Points Using the “Report 2 Template” provided on Blackboard, please answer the various questions that are presented using Disney’s Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Financial Report, 10-K, 2020 Proxy Statement, Audit Committee Charter, and the Standards of Business Conduct document. You must find all of these documents on your own. Download the template file to your computer and rename it using the following format: LastNameFirstNameReport2 (e.g. BestMarkReport2). Provide thoughtful answers to the questions. Pay special attention to spelling and grammar. Sloppy work will receive a lower grade than work that is free of grammatical errors. There is no minimum or maximum page requirement for this assignment. Your work will be graded based on the quality and accuracy of your answers. Make sure that your report looks professional and that the formatting/spacing is clean and easy to read. Upload your completed assignment to Blackboard using the Report 2 submission link.


Disney Company
Institutional Affiliation
Disney Company
Section 2
Disney Company makes money through its four major business segments that are: Media networks, studio entertainment, parks and resorts, consumer products and interactive media. Media networks such as ESPN, Disney, National Geographic, ABC and parks and resorts are the key sources of revenue for Disney. These two segments earn the company over 20 billion dollars annually. Studio entertainment generates the third-largest revenue for Disney and includes popular movies such as Black Panther and Toy Story 3. Disney spends a significant portion of its budget on amusement parks. It invests heavily and expanding and revamping its parks and resorts. It is spending around 24 billion dollars on expanding its six theme parks across the world. This includes creating new attraction sites and hotels in its theme parks.

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