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Snowden Movie Analysis Literature & Language Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Please watch movie Snowden and write a half page (or longer if you'd like) analysis of this film. This includes a full Argument Analysis breakdown of Explicit Components and Implicit Components.
Explicit Components
 identify and express the issue and/or problem as a critical question; express using
correct language
 identify two to three supporting pieces of evidence from the film
 identify the conclusion the director makes
Please identify and comment on one (or more) Implicit Component that you can find.
Implicit Components
 Bias
 Assumption
 Implication
 Language
The movie is Snowden, subject realted: mass surveillance, civil liberties, national security, government secrecy, information privacy, cyber-security
NOTE: this is not a professional movie review, the paper mostly needs to talk about the story instead of writing critique. the professor wants us to identify problem and judge evidence and reasoning, it's critical thinking class.


Snowden Movie Analysis
The film Snowden looks into Edward Snowden’s activities an ex- Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who revealed classified information that the National Security Agency (NSA) engaged in mass surveillance and the invasion of privacy on a massive scale. The cyber-security threats are greater than people realize, yet government secrecy has made it difficult to determine what the government knows about the US citizens. Is mass surveillance to improve security justified, and if so, why the government secrecy and disregard for civil liberties and information privacy.
Oliver Stone the director emphasizes that the scale of mass surveillance is larger than previously thought, through the actions of the whistle-

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