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A Review of the Movie Crash (Movie Review Sample)

WATCH THE MOVIE, Crash ON YOUR OWN; Movie: Crash; Themes: The Other, Individual conscious/morality vs. Social conscious/morality; revenge; hate; love Discussion: Type, using 12 point font, Times New Roman, a 1 page paper source..
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Review of the movie Crash
The portrayal of the other in Crash mainly takes place through racial stereotypes. A rich white woman thinks that Daniel the locksmith is a crook because he is Latino. An interaction with the other is full of prejudice, two black men also portray this theme through their belief that they receive poorer services they think than blacks have fewer privileges (Haggis, 2005).
Social consciousness relates to the level in which individuals are aware about injustices in the societies and take steps taken to achieving justice. Set in the city of Los Angles, Crash presents moral dilemmas on the characters and their stereotypes about race. Racial tolerance is an underling theme of social consciousness throughout the movie; characters encounter various challenges that make them question their views on race and identity, Ryan a racist cop helps a black woman towards the end of the story because of individual morality.
The theme of revenge takes place when Farhad an Iranian shop owner who mistakenly believes that Daniel a Latino locksmith planned a robbery. After vowing to...
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