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White Sun Of The Desert Movie: Central Asia During Civil War (Movie Review Sample)


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Possible questions to address: The Soviet Union spanned many historically Muslim areas. How is the dynamic between Soviet East and West presented in "White Sun"? Can we talk about a cultural hierarchy that emerges in this film? To which western film genres can we point as Motyl's sources of inspiration?


White Sun of the Desert" Movie Review
The movies White Sun of the Desert is about the Red Army Soldier facing bandit in the central Asia during a civil war. The dynamic between soviet east and west is presented in the movie whereby the western cliches are transposed into a Soviet setting. Instead of using the cowboy, the protagonist is a Red Army soldier. Instead of portraying the usual war scenes that occur among states, a common occurrence during the Russian revolution, the movie uses Indians and bandits like Basmichi, the Turkmen rebels.
A cultural hierarchy

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