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TED An Educational Presentation By Olympia Della Flora (Movie Review Sample)


Speech Analysis Assignment
Here is the link for the TED talk: https://www(dot)ted(dot)com/talks/olympia_della_flora_creative_ways_to_get_kids_to_thrive_in_school
***INSTRUCTIONS*** For this assignment you will choose a TED talk, watch, listen and evaluate it. Your paper will respond to the following areas, using moments in the speech as your support:
First paragraph - Topic: Tell me about this presentation. What is it about? Where is the speaker? Why did you choose this speech? What can you tell about the audience? Is the topic appropriate for the audience? Is topic relevance discussed? Are main points clear and logical?
Second paragraph - Structure: Does the speech flow smoothly? Is it easy to follow? Is there a clear introduction with our required elements? Are all main points developed thoroughly? Does the speaker use transitions? Does the conclusion review the main points?
Third paragraph - Credibility: Are facts and support material used to support opinions? Does the speaker verbally cite sources? Are sources of information reputable? Was the speaker believable?
Fourth paragraph - Delivery: Did the speaker use good eye contact? Were there any distracting mannerisms? Were distractions handled well? Was voice volume sufficient? Was rate of speech appropriate? Was practice evident? Did the speaker seem confident and prepared?
Fifth paragraph - Final thoughts: What did you learn from watching and evaluating this presentation? How can you apply what you learned to your own speeches? Any other final thoughts?
This is a formal college paper. That means MLA format, complete sentences, correct grammar, and a reference section with the link to your chosen TED talk. *****While you may write in first person, a series of yes and no’s will result in a poor grade*****


Ted Talk Analysis
Creative ways to get kids to thrive in school is an educational presentation by Olympia Della flora. I chose this ted talk because it is not only beneficial to the audience but also me as a student. Olympia Della wants the audience and schools in general to have a different view on educating students by assisting them to deal with their emotions. The speech is delivered in the TED conference where speeches are limited to 18 minutes or less. In this talk, the speaker believes that schools should come up with strategies of dealing and supporting the whole kid when it comes to studying, and addressing not only academic outcomes but also their emotional and social outcomes. The audience seems to be interested in this talk as they are attentive and maintaining eye contact speaker, laughing when she cracks a joke, some are taking note and also cheering when she’s done with her talk. The topic being discussed is relevant to the audience as it encourages them to invest time on their children. Olympia Flora having prepared for her talk, she can address the relevance of the topic within the stipulated time. She also achieves this by giving a real-life case scenario where she helped struggling and disruptive students. The main points in this talk are clear and logic as Olympia uses real-life scenarios to convince her audience.
The speech was well organized since the speaker was fluently making it easy to follow. By telling a story that complemented her speech, making it easy to follow the speech and have the desire to learn more. The presentation consisted of slides which made the story flow well. The slides were well presented following her presentation and related to what she was talking about. By use of hand gestures and walking while presenting made it easy, portrayed the involvement of the audience. Though the speaker did not introduce herself, she started the speech with a powerful visual and story that drew audience attention. The speake

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