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SSC 442: Video In Our Own Backyard Love Canal (Movie Review Sample)


SSC442:Video- In Our Own Backyard “Love Canal”-2019ed.


SSC442: Video In Our Own Backyard Love Canal -2019ed. RJ Critelli
Name ______________________________ Date _______
 HYPERLINK "" History in brief of love canal- this is not required but it is a nice review of what I explained in class…. If you do watch it, you can really stop at 4:09
In what year did the emergency order for women and children to leave the Love Canal area go into effect? 1978
What was the last name of the president of the Love Canal Home Owners Associations? Gibbs
97th Street to _102_____ street was evacuated.
What is one of the MOST lethal chemicals known to society, that was discovered in the Love Canal area? Benzene a known human carcinogen
In Love Canal, there were over _____200_________ chemicals
How long did Lois Gibbs get to meet with President Carter? 2 years
By 1983 ___239_____ homes inside the fence had been destroyed.
SSC 442: History: LOVE CANAL: the Start of a Movement
By Lois Gibbs- ON HANDOUT
What was the initial objective in creating the canal?
Making a hydropower plant
What became the function of the canal until 1953?
A municipal and chemical power disposal site
The Board of Education began plans to build a school on the canal property in 1954. Were they ever warned of the potential hazard associated with the property- explain?
After agreeing to sell the land at $1 Hooker included in the deed transfer a "warning" of the chemical wastes buried on the property and a disclaimer absolving Hooker of any future liability.
What was the response of the city to Calspan Corporation findings?
The city did nothing except placing a window fan in a few homes found to contain high levels of chemical contaminants in the soil and air.
What was the initial grassroots group formed to voice concern over the Love Canal area? Love Canal Parents Movement
What was it that truly sparked Gibb’s into action?
The newspaper articles describing the landfill, its wastes and proximity to the 99th Street School
What occurred on August 2, 1978?
The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) issued a health order recommending the closure of the 99th Street School, the evacuation pregnant women, and children under the age of two, warning residents not to eat from their home gardens and spend minimal time in their basements.
What were the three major responsibilities of the task force that was developed?
The relocation of evacuated families
The continuation of health and environmental studies
The construction of a drainage system to prevent further migration of toxic chemicals
Now- do a web search by typing in Love Canal
Go to Bout the Love Canal- Love Canal Collections-University at Buffalo
Click on Chronology of Events …. Now use that information to answer the following questions.
____________ On November 10, 1978, how many tons of dioxin were reportedly buried at the site? 200
____________ On November 22, 1978, how many chemical compounds were identified as being buried in the canal? 200
__ __________ On March 29, 1979, the state legislature releases something that was a 1975 company management study of the Niagara Hooker Chemical plant documenting several industrial and environmental concerns-what did they call it? Operation Bootstrap
_ ___________ Who was it that said on April 11th, 1979 that Love Canal was avoidable had Hooker paid attention to danger signals? U.S. R...

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