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Billy Joel on Love- Poetry Analysis (Essay Sample)


A paper that you write about a poem or poems is an argument. Make sure that you have something specific that you want to say about the poem(s) that you are discussing. This specific argument that you want to make about the poem will be your thesis. You will support this thesis by drawing examples and evidence from the poem(s).
Lets do " and so it goes" by billy Joel and "she got away" by billy joel.
Plz focus on the topic of Love. you can write about how love hurt and talk about love.


Billy Joel on Love
One of the most captivating modern musicians is Billy Joel. His songs are not only exquisitely written and performed, but also underscore significantly vital themes. One of the most common themes espoused by Joel’s songs is love. In ‘She’s got a way’ and ‘And so it goes,’ Joel’s poeticism and mastery of language come out clearly. In essence, Joel’s songwriting on these two songs utilizes meter, metaphor, and simile in uniquely consistent ways to emphasize about love and the various ways in which it can please and hurt the one who loves.
As far as Billy Joel’s music is concerned, love has been a recurrent theme. In this sense, one of the most important issues addressed in his music is the dynamism and its impact on the lives and emotions of the lovers. In the second verse of ‘She’s got a way,’ Joel sings “She’s got a smile that heals me// I don’t know why it is// But I have to laugh when she reveals me.” In these lines, Joel outlines the significance of love in helping to bring out the true character of an individual and its impact on the individual in question. In this sense, Joel makes it clear that love is extremely powerful to the extent that when an individual is revealed and exposed for who they are by the one they love, they cannot help but laugh. This is in itself a manifestation of the power of love in helping shape the attitudes and behaviors of individuals when they are in love and how love essentially determines what is hurtful and what is pleasing. This is demonstrative of Joel’s emphasis on the power of love.
In these two songs, Joel provides varying perspectives on love and what it means to love someone. For instance, in the penultimate verse of ‘And so it goes,’ Joel sings “So I would choose to be with you// That’s if the choice were mine to make// But you can make decisions too// And you can have this heart to break.” This verse is arguably one of the most powerful in the song because it represents the reality that love is an individual choice. In this verse, Joel reminds listeners that in the realm of love, the only power one has is over their own emotions and choices. In this way, he demonstrates that love is an individual choice and one that may not always be reciprocated. The fact that each partner can decide on whether they want to continue loving each other in its way demonstrates how loving someone and being in a relationship are individual choices as opposed to an act involving two people. Albeit controversial and contradictory

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