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The eyes of empire. Literature & Language Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Before looking at what some games can tell us about migration, it seems useful to look at what most games tend to tell us about the world. This week's readings provide a critical examination of two games, Full Spectrum Warrior and Civilization III, solid examples of the first-person shooter and the strategy genres. It may be useful to choose a text based on what one is most familiar with, but not necessarily. Of the two, Wark is the more densely theoretical. When citing her, please use paragraph number, as in neither the attached pre-print (2006) nor my printed version (2007) does she provide page numbers. E.g. "The novel is a line of a certain type, which opens towards certain possibilities, a storyline" (Wark 2007: 60).
When considering these games, I challenge you to ask where the migrants are in these games. Are they called migrants, or something else? Are there good migrants or bad migrants, or both? Take seriously the claims of these games to portray a realistic - if not real - world. Even if no one called a migrant is presented in gameplay, we can extrapolate. First-person shooters set in "bad countries" frequently depict civilians, but as a rule do not simulate the things those civilians will do to survive. Why this silence?


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Week 11
For centuries, wars have caused destruction all over the world. These destroy the lives of any parties involved. Everything is tragic, no matter what side you took. This paper reflects on the negative impact of wars and how are wars reflected on strategic games.
Dyer-Witherford & de Peuter (2009) discussed the damages incurred by those who were personally involved in the war. Most people only sympathize with the country that suffered the most damages. However, people often do not consider those wounded soldiers whose only wish is to fulfill their duties. All of us understand that whatever principles they have, their allegiance is with their sworn country and deviating from their duty is a taboo. However, despite possibly having the upper-hand, deep within their souls, the soldiers are damaged too. Physical damage is controllable, but the emotional and mental repercussions of the experience may have a long-term or even permanent effect. After their battle in Iraq, the soldiers went back to the United States. Many of them were wounded and suffered from mental health illnesses secondary to physical trauma and emotional shock. This led to the proposition of the use of virtual therapies where the soldiers are subjected to a simulated experience to bring out their repressed emotions and memories about the war (Dyer-Witherford & de Peuter, 2009, p. 97).

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