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Computing Skills: Microsoft Word/Google Docs (Essay Sample)


I think just around 600 words eassy it is very simple. Not use too high level to right just write like a middle student.
You need write 11paragraph And each paragraph include the four question.


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Computing Skills
Microsoft word/Google docs
I learnt how to use the aforementioned word processing application. I can now create, edit, and print documents. They are used in many ways primarily to do documentation which can either be stored digitally or printed. These skills will be important for my schooling and likely in any organization. These skills have been important for secretaries and other officially related documentation in any organization.
Microsoft PowerPoint/Google slides
I learnt to create presentations using PowerPoint. These applications can allow you to add images, links etc. The whole presentation is displayed in a slide show. I learnt to create power point presentations with several slides and add images, sound video etc. I would use these skills in delivering lectures, talks or meeting discussions in the future. Today, this application is used for similar purposes.
Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets
I learned using spreadsheet applications to analyze data and sort it into more meaningful form. I learnt how to use the various functions in the program such as addition, subtraction, average, exporting and importing data among others to analyze data in the cells. I would use this skill for similar purposes where I ought to analyze data. Today, the application is used to analyze data such as analyzing student scores after exams among other myriad uses.
Microsoft Publisher/Google Drawings
These applications teach desktop publishing skills. I learnt how to design, edit, create and print various documents using this application. Desktop publishing software is primarily used for design of various things such as brochures etc. I hope to apply my desktop publishing skills in creating promotional documents such as flyers and brochures for my business.
Google Forms
It is a form of spreadsheet and works best when integrated with other spreadsheet programs. I learnt to use it to export data for offline use since Google Forms in cloud based. I learnt to use it alongside other applications such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. I hope to use it in future to help me analyze data found online using its advanced analytical formulae like other spreadsheet programs. Todays i

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