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Apple Computer: Research how Apple managed to reinvent itself over the years (Essay Sample)

Case Analysis 1 - Apple Computer: Research how Apple managed to reinvent itself over the years. Answer the following questions: What were some of Apple's biggest successes and failures? Describe why. How much of Apple's success can be linked directly back to its culture? Why? How do the actions of Apple apply to the TCOs? The TCOs: Given a company situation be able to describe the industry dynamics of technological innovation. Key Concepts: Explain the role technological innovation plays in the competitive dynamics of industries and how technological innovation affects society both positively and negatively. Identify the drivers of technological innovation. Determine the attributes of successful innovation strategies including an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of innovation, a well-crafted innovation strategy, and a well-developed process for implementing the innovation strategy. Analyze the relationship between creativity and innovation. Evaluate the role of collaborative networks in innovation, including technological spillovers, and technology clusters Utilizethe following book as one of the references: Strategic Management of Technological Innovation 3rd Edition by Melissa A. Schilling © 2010 McGraw-Hill Irwin source..
HOW APPLE MANAGED TO REINVENT ITSELF OVER THE YEARS Name: Student Number: Course Title: Course Code: Lecture’s Name: Institution: Date Due: Apple Inc. has over the years made tremendous changes to lives of many people globally. This is because it is involved in designing and marketing consumer electronics, personal computers and computer software (Carlton, 1998). The company has thus produced numerous hardware products that are best-known including the Macintosh line of computers, such as the iPad, the iPod, and the iPhone. In addition, the company has also developed the Mac OS X operating system software as well as many other products that positively influence the lives of millions of people worldwide (O’Grady, 2008). Apple Inc. is undoubtedly one of the companies that that have experienced big successes throughout the last decade. These successes were greatly attributed to technological innovativeness. For instance, the biggest successes include developing new and novel products such as iPod, iTunes Store, iPhone, App Store and iPad. These products have given the company great reputation (Carlton, 1998). Other successes include tremendously increasing its turnover and profitability, continued expansion and reaching all parts of the world through franchises. All these have given the company competitive advantage i...
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