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Meursault In The Stranger: A Murder Trial (Essay Sample)


For this project, the class will be producing a murder trial for Meursault as portrayed in The Stranger. I am Meursault.
Witnesses will testify. This will require students assigned to be witnesses to pull textual evidence from the story regarding their character, develop an interpretation, and write an in-character testimony relaying their opinion and experiences with Meursault. (Obviously, some characters will side with Meursault and some will side against him and will collaborate with the Defense or Prosecution groups respectively.) One student will portray Meursault.
Written Portion Details
Every student must produce 500 words of polished writing that shows:
Understanding of The Stranger
A well-developed interpretation of the text
Stylistic choices to support your character's motivation (voice, motivation, etc.)
3-5 quotes from The Stranger (no more than 15% total word count)
Compose a 500-word essay in Meursault's voice. You should strive to imitate his tone and opinions on his situation from before the trial. Include:
2-3 experiences described in the book.
At least one experience should be a “positive” one, and at least one should be a “negative” or “condemning” one.
Use quotes that reflect Meursault's thinking.
Develop an interpretation of Meursault to help “fill in the gaps.” Try to make sense of him!


Meursault in The Stranger
Written by Albert Camus, The Stranger is one of the best-selling and famous novels in the world; it tells the story of a young guy named Meursault and the events that take place after the death of his mother. According to the author, a real hero is one who understands his responsibilities and realizes that humans have been sent to this world for a particular purpose (Daoud, & Cullen, 2016).
Throughout the novel, Albert Camus talks about the problems I (Meursault) face, but some still believe that I am not a hero but a villain. I came to know about my mother's death through a telegram. It was indeed a big shock for me, and I could not understand how to react. “While walking in the countryside, I looked at the lines of cypresses and the hot red soil, and could understand my mother's feelings.” At that time, someone told me that “her friends would be coming soon to keep vigil with me.” Many readers felt that I was a senseless person as I did not feel sorrow or weep, but they could never understand what's going on in my mind (Daoud, & Cullen, 2016).
It seemed like my life had ended; I lost not only my mother but also my beloved wife. Initially, I tried to sort out the matters with her but nothing could work, so I had to quit on her and move on. The third tragedy that cha

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