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Dram Shop Act - Addressing The Grey Areas (Essay Sample)


Take a position "For or against the dram shop act".
The paper should include, your position on this issue, reasons for your viewpoint, examples of impacts from personal experiences or media, reasons for and against these laws.
Discuss every stakeholder who is helped or hurt by Dram shop laws. Summarize your position.
Make sure that you really think about the issues resulting from this law. Your essay should include at least three distinct reasons for your viewpoint. Compare this situation to another example in your life or in society to which the same theories might apply.
I would like to take the "Disagree" position


Dram Shop Act - Addressing the Grey Areas
The presence of dram shop act in different states is understandable, however, my stand is that it needs refinement as it has many gray areas which can cause unlawful condemnation of business owners or other stakeholders affected by the law. There are different proposed purposes of the imposing of the dram shop liability laws. The central issue that is addressed by the dram shop at is the issue of possible death, accidents, and damage to property by those who go to bars to drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol can cause drunkness, which in technical terms, mean impairment of body coordination and movement. Such can be a cause of unwanted destruction and damage to property and it can endanger the lives of other people and so too is the patron's life.
One grey area when it comes to the Dram Shop Act is the relative and subjective judgment of servers in identifying who has had too much to drink. Shop owners and bartenders have no common way of judging who has had too much to drink as people have different reaction and tolerance to alcohol. F the government could provide a way or a device that could measure the drunkenness of a person, then it would serve not only the business owners but the people as well. A uniform method of testing the alcohol level within a body that could be applied to all persons is needed in order to justly and lawfully enact the Dram Shop act.
Some argue that

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