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Following a Legend. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Imagine you have just taken over as head coach for a team that has the potential to win a title that year. Your season is in the fall and your first day on the job is January 1st. You have complete control over hiring assistants, practice schedule, and game/meet schedule. Please make this assignment to the sport of your choice.
The athletes LOVE the previous coach and are very sad they are leaving, they have had great success under this coach and it seems like it will be hard to sell your perspective.
Please write a 3 page paper detailing a plan of action for your new position. The paper needs to be in Times New Roman Font (12 point) and double spaced.
Talk about assessing the culture of the team (what do you look for?) and changing that culture if needed. Can you do that quickly or does it need to be slow?
How do you begin to establish trust with the athletes?
How can you make the team stronger? Give examples of activities to do that.
Talk about your staff and making them feel included and a part of the new team.
Please use concepts you learned from the class...the more the better!
No reference needed, Choose basketball team as sports.


Following Legend
Following a Legend
As the new head coach of an established basketball team, I have a great task of establishing the culture of the group through the identification of the interests of players. Since the members play the most significant role in the success of the team, I should comply with their norms to enhance improvement and promotion of the team towards the attaining of the title anticipated. Although I can implement some changes, I should not interfere with the interest of the majority of the members. Also, because the team has endless love for their prior coach, playing the victim will aid in my acceptance in the group. Since the loss of the leader has affected the team tremendously, fitting might be hard but I am planning to use the leadership skills of patience and resilience to enhance settling. I should work in line with the history of the group to ensure the maintenance of the success portrayed in the past.

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