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Reasons for Making Algae Protein Baking Powder (Essay Sample)


Hi, based on this topic and all research that you did, my team chose to make the baking powder with algae protein for the end product. can you please write about 1-2 pages long research why choosing the baking powder? please send me the payment link so that I can pay the order.


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Reasons for Making Algae Protein Baking Powder
As a result, for the market analysis, it would be good to make baking powder with algae protein. This form of the product is the best suitable for the different market conditions since it is affordable, easy to transport and, frequently used and long-lasting.
The market research from the developing countries indicated that the people would be willing to substitute their protein foodstuffs with a protein item that is cheaper than what they have been consuming. Baking powder is relatively cheaper to most people as compared to other sources of plant proteins (Ansari, Faiz Ahmad, et al. 560). Therefore, making the algae protein inform of baking powder would guarantee a ready market in such countries. In addition, it would also be affordable in developed countries since some of the people would be willing to try a new product.
In addition, the product will be exported to countries far away from the production center. It is easier to transport the algae in powder form as compared to other forms such as cookies. The baking powder will be packed in waterproof packages to reduce its chances of getting destroyed (Gnansounou, Edgard, and Jegannathan 305). As well, its storage during transportation and after purchase by the customer would not require money. The baking powder can be stored up to the expiry date without having to refrigerate it. Also, the powder form would not be bulk, and therefore, a huge amount will be transported to the consumers. This will help in the reduction of transportation costs since other forms of the algae would have turned out to be bulky (Vigani, Mauro, et al. 88). Transporting a bulky product is costly.

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