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Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Karl Marx Gun Control (Essay Sample)


Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Karl Marx helped to develop the three major theoretical perspectives in the field of sociology. Which perspective seems most relevant to today's social problems? Why did you choose this perspective?
I am choosing the topic of gun control and because of the recent mass shootings this is an on going concern , how to stop them is much more controversial , the ideas are at least much more controversial.
The idea that people with a history of mental illness should undergo mandatory treatment and/or be evaluated to see if they are at risk of hurting others is fair, and making it mandatory that if someone has a history of on going mental illness treatment without success or they refuse it should paly a part in the fact that if they try to buy any type of weapon including a gun as a red flag . Gun owners or perspective gun owners find this to a violation of there privacy and civil rights. Law makers say linking mental illness with violence will not help anyone only stop people with mental illness on getting help , the real change comes from crack downs inn schools. Surely victims families would agree something needs to be done.
What of the 3 theoretical perspectives in sociology would be most relevant to this topic ?
Conflict perspective - the tension and struggle between groups example could be law makers and gun owners, gun enthusiast vs non gun owners , victims of gun violence, schools , state legislators passing state gun laws. 
A concept battle of what to do , who is right , and what is fair for everyone, or finding balance and beginning realistic that the conflict will always exist. 

Gun Control
The recent gun incident in the schools across the country seems to be in line with the social problems addressed in the Emile Durkheim anomie theory. According to Emile Durkheim, persons are a product of their social environment and the way in which they behave begins at birth and continues through the interaction of people. The theory asserts that society varies alongside the division of labor. Due to immigration, evolution towards modern society and the levels of individualism have greatly increased, also the flexibility and diversity. People are too busy minding their own business while not taking notice of the changes in the social life. Most people in the country can have access to guns; this is due to lack of proper laws on the issuance of guns.
The issue of social control has become of paramount importance due to the struggles and conflict between various groups i.e. the law and gun owners, victims of gun violence, schools, state, and legislators passing the state gun law. Anomie shows a lack of norms, societal norms and a tendency to behave in a deviant way. Emile tries to put across the origin of social crime and the origins of social law. The idea that people with a history of mental illness should undergo a mandatory treatment should be practiced. This will help on the regulation of gun issuance to persons with mental illnesses. Mental illness has on several oc...
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