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European Explorers Influence the Treatment of Native People (Essay Sample)


We have done a good job seeing that the basic motivation of Europeans was to expand their political power and to enhance their financial standings in their interactions with native peoples. Thus they never really saw Native peoples or African peoples as equals but saw them as "means" to an end: their own increasing power and wealth. One question that our discussion raises is how do these attitudes become part of American interactions with non-Europeans/non-Americans throughout US history? 
I remember when I was invited to an international conference with Fulbright Scholars from all over the world. I was one of four American scholars who had been invited and there were about 30 international scholars there. In our first meeting, we sat in a large circle and went around the world introducing ourselves and giving a brief introduction to our perspective on the question of globalization. 
I will never forget an economics professor from Syria (named John) who stood up with two maps in his hands. He held up the first and it was a Starbucks map with dots all over Syria indicating where they wanted to build coffee shops. The second one which he held up from the Pentagon. Again, dots were everywhere. But these dots represented places the Pentagon suggested bombing in case of war. Then John concluded: “This is what Syria is to you Americans: either potential consumers who can make you rich OR potential enemies whom you can destroy. WHAT WE ARE NOT,” he shouted, “IS PEOPLE OF EQUAL WORTH AND VALUE WITH AN ANCIENT CULTURE WORTHY OF RESPECT!” And of course, as our sources have demonstrated this Unit, he was right -- this is the legacy of Exploration.
As we think about the legacy of European exploration (and exploitation) of the Americas, Asia, and Africa, we need to think and answer two importation questions.
NOTE: answer ALL questions contained within the chosen set. Make sure you clearly put the set # in the subject line of your post. Your post should indicate a knowledge of the past as well as an appreciation for the way in which the present has been influenced and/or created by the past. Finally, include good citation information to back up any claims about the present. 
NOTE: research on current issues is required and sources must be cited. PLEASE do not use Wikipedia -- Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate source for this class and no credit will be given for posts that use and/or cite wikipedia. Do good research and find appropriate sources.

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Question 3
The slave trade had so many historical consequences on the development of African continent in all dimensions; political, economic, social and cultural. Politically, the African rulers were competing for slave capture which resulted in war, loss of life and property destruction (Oyekan 43). This negatively affected the political atmosphere in Africa setting bad precedents for the future generations. The rulers who controlled the trade emulsified a lot of wealth, and that is why today there is a gap between the political class and the common citizens.
On the economic front, the slave trade lets to stagnation of the African economy between the 16th and 19th century as the strong men were sold as slaves leaving behind only weak and women who could not participate in industrial work (Hodder 1370). Social and cultural consequences include erosion of the African culture and change in gender roles (Hodder 1372). As the men were sold, women had to take up the roles that were played by the men in the society.
There are many ways in which Africa today is still struggling with the ...
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