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Society has become increasingly narcissistic (Essay Sample)

Explain opposing view (Why society has not become narcissistic) briefly source..
Narcissism and Society
The origin of the word narcissism is in Greek mythology. It is rooted IN the legendary myths of the Greek handsome youth named Narcissus. This young man was the son of the river god, Cephissus and the Nymph, Liriope. This youth is believed to have jilted intimate relations of Echo by turning down her marriage proposal and hence was severely punished by Nemesis. The myth observes that the punishment meted out caused him to fall in love with his own reflected self in water and died from the obsession (Wicks, 2010). Timothy Judge, organizational psychologist at the University of Florida observes that, even though narcissism may be taken for being a myth, it surely has tremendous significant effects on the society. This he attributes to the strong inceptions of its traits in early life of children hence its high levels. This paper argues that society has become increasingly narcissistic.
Before we look at how society has become narcissistic, it would be good to look at those who oppose this view. There are several people who opine that the society has not become narcissistic due to the roles and practices which are displayed in most human beings with strong ability in entitlement, leadership or authority, superiority or arrogance, and self admiration. In such people it is significantly higher and potential than in people of low-to-average scores in self esteem.
Good things about narcissist are in the vision, confidence and pride which is evident through their accomplishments. In my view this could probably translate into striving to lead or transform an organization or community for the better. The populace with this credibility will endeavor to subscribe themselves with persons and or things of high self narcissism in order to improve themselves. Although the most profound source of love is the love of self because in order to love someone else one m...
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