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Children's Fear of Lightening (Essay Sample)

one common childhood fear is fear of lightning .Many children become anxious and cry when they see the bright flash of a lightening bolt in the sky. Explain how this fear can be understood from the perspectives of classical conditioning, operant conditioning , and imitation. Source: Child Development, A Thematic Approach (six edition) D.Bukatko, M.Daehler source..
Children`s Fear of Lightening
Although fears of loud and strange sounds are prevalent in preschoolers and young infants, these fears normally, faint-off by the time children join elementary school. However, these fears can persist in some children disrupting their daily chores. Children who are afraid of thunder and lightning always refuse to participate in activities such as sports of any field event whenever there are signs of rain. These children need to get help from child psychologist for them to continue their daily activities without any fear (Weiten 2010). This paper discusses lightning phobia from the perspective of classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and imitation.
The paradigm of classical conditioning can assist in clarifying how irrational fears develop. A Russian scientist known as Pavlov pioneered the idea of classical conditioning. Pavlov core objective was to study salivation in dogs. Through his keen observation, he noted that the dogs not only salivated to the food but also t...
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