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when and why did people stop fearing hades (Essay Sample)

What I am looking for is a typed, double-spaced, syntactically, grammatically and orthographically correct, four page paper. A standard essay, with an introduction, conclusion, and several well-developed expository paragraphs, in which assertions are defended with evidence and the evidence is accompanied by citations presented in a proper format. This is for the subject Greek Mythology. @@@ source..
Name Professor Course Date When and why did people top fearing Hades? Hades was the ancient Greek king of the underworld. He was referred to as the god of the underworld, god of death and the dead. Hades presided over funeral rites, and defended the rights of the dead. Hades was also regarded to as the god of wealth: hidden wealth. He was the son of Cronus and Rhea. According to existing males, Hades, and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon won the battle against the titans and overtook ruler ship over the cosmos thus ruling over the underworld, air, and sea respectively. The earth was however available to all three concurrently. Hades was also popularly known as plouton, which was Latinized by the Romans as Pluto. Hades also has three sisters and all six together comprised of the original six Olympian gods CITATION Rus07 \p 17 \l 1033 (Andrews 17). Hades ruled the kingdom of the dead, which was named hades. The kingdom of Hades was rather a neutral kingdom. The kingdom was reserved to the souls of those people who deserved neither punishment nor reward. It is said that the kingdom was very dull but not painful. According to the myth explaining about hades, Hades just like his brother and sisters was swallowed his father Cronus at his birth. His father swallowed them to prevent fulfilling the prophesy that one of his offspring would grow up to take over his throne CITATION Deb11 \p 99 \l 1033 (McNemar 99). On reaching adulthood, Zeus, brother to Hades forced their father to disgorge his siblings. After the six were disgorged, they challenged elder gods for power in a divine war (Titanomachy). They fought for ten years but at the end, the six young gods won the war. It was after their victory in the war that the three brothers drew for realms to rule. Zeus was awarded the sky, Poseidon settled for the seas and Hades became god of the underworld: this was the unseen realm upon which the souls of the dead go, on leaving the world CITATION Deb11 \p ...
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