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leadership in Social Media - Anti-Racism. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The goal of this course has been to tackle the racialization of Islam in the media and our greater public sphere. We have examined this sociologically and asked how Catholic interreligious dialogue might offer us one way to proceed positively. Given the reality of our current political culture, media bias, and our susceptibility to this media influence on us, how do you propose you will move forward as a leader? How do you want to proceed as an Ignatian Leader? What does it mean to you to be a leader for a more just and humane world?
The answer to your question should be a reflection of your own experience. There is no additional research required for this paper. However, you are expected to incorporate at least three readings from the course AND your own experience engaging in interreligious dialogue with your partner organization.
Double Spaced 750 to 1,000 words.
Due Wednesday June 13 by 2:00pm (Scheduled Final Exam period). The paper is due via Canvas submission as we will not meet in person after June 6. Early submissions are encouraged.


Ignatian Leadership for social change
In addition to being a source of entertainment, social media is a powerful tool with communication abilities that exceed any of the communication platforms that have been around in the past (Joel). With the speed the news travel on the social media platforms, it has turned into one of the most crucial platforms that social changes are effected through (Michael). It is no longer the influence of the television that parents are worried about and the amount of time or the content that their children are exposed, it is social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter among others. One of the social changes that has been a great concern is with the negative influences driving a wedge between the rest of the society and the religion of Islam. Islamophobia is a real danger and one that needs to be addressed before it turns into a nightmare.

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