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Justification of Moral Ethics Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


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Justification of Moral Ethics
For a human being, there no such thing as a fact unless it is not disputable. This argumentative nature forms the basis of very many theories (unapproved ideas). Aristotle, Kant, and Mill argue out that reason, virtue, happiness, and pleasure are some of the things that should form the basis in justifying one’s actions. In this paper, I am going to discuss the various insights of the various philosophers on moral ethics. I will use a case study so as to evaluate what each of the philosophers would say about the particular case study. Consider John who landed a job of his dreams. After successfully working with the task force on the launch of a new product, the company manager says that no word about the product to be said to anyone until after the release. Dom, John’s friend who is a journalist kidnaps John’s cat and threatens to kill it lest Johns opens up to him about the new product. John is at a dilemma, whether to save his cat or preserve the integrity of the job and have the trust of his employer. Let us take an instance that John decided to keep the company’s secret at the cost of his cat’s life.

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