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Comparing Two Polytheistic Religions (Essay Sample)


Class: Understanding World Religions
Take the religions Hinduism and Ancient Greek Religion and write about the similarities between the particular beliefs. 
Suggested topics:
-how they both worship their gods
You can use more than 1 source if necessary.

Course Title:
Comparing Two Polytheistic Religions: Hinduism and Ancient Greek Religion
The two polytheistic religions to be compared include Hinduism and the Ancient Greek religion. To begin with, the two religions are polytheistic in the sense that the devotees worship more than one God. In Hinduism, the three main gods include Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu while the three main gods in the ancient Greek religion include Poseidon, Hades and Zeus (Ridgeon 69). Indra is the king of gods in Hinduism while Zeus is the King of the gods in the Ancient Greek religion. Each god specified functions in both religions.
How Hinduism and Ancient Greek Religions Worship their Gods
The gods in both religions are normally worshiped in shrines and temples. Each temple is dedicated to a specific deity, and worshipers are expected to remove their shoes before the...
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