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Working Annotated Bibliography, Description and Analysis (Essay Sample)

Length: List of five sources Description and Analysis: Now that you have chosen your topic, you are ready to begin conducting research. Conducting research BEFORE you begin to write will not only help you generate ideas regarding your topic, it will also help you judge what kind of information is available to you. You will need to find a minimum of four sources that you think might be useful to you as you begin to write your essay (your fifth source will be a primary source.) Source Requirements include: minimum of 2 scholarly sources, minimum of 2 sources that are either scholarly or non-internet only. You, of course, can have more sources than this that are beyond these requirements. Just be sure all sources are credible, avoiding wikis and personal websites, for example. Once you have these sources, you will annotate them. See explanation of annotated below. The assignment will be in a word document and appear in MLA format. Working : Means that it can be changed. The sources you choose are not set in stone. As you begin writing your essay, you may find that you need more or different sources than those that you previously selected. Annotated : Means that after each reference list you will provide 4-6 sentences explaining what type of source it is, and why you think it might help you in your essay development. You may also want to state why you think it is a credible source. Bibliography : Also known as works cited or reference page, a reference page lists those sources outside your own knowledge that you have used in your essay. The purpose of the Working Annotated Bibliography: Practice MLA format. Practice selecting credible and relevant sources. Move closer to the development of your essay. Give credit where credit is due. This means that you are giving credit to those who conducted the research or developed the information you are using in your essay. If you do not cite sources that you have used, no only do you lose credibility with your readers, you are also guilty of HYPERLINK "http://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/589/02/"plagiarism! What is included in the Working Annotated Bibliography? An MLA reference for four of the sources you have found regarding your selected topic for your essay. Annotations, which appear under each reference list. FAQs: Yes, you may include more than four references if you wish. Only FOUR are REQUIRED. Annotations should be 4-6 sentences. Everything on the page is DOUBLE SPACED Yes, you can add or subtract sources on your final Bibliography (the one attached to your final draft). YES. Five sources are still required for the final draft of the essay. Minimum of two scholarly, two non-internet only (which could be scholarly as well) and one primary. No, you will not need the annotations on your final reference page attached to your essay. The annotations are just an exercise to help you get acquainted with your sources and me judge the credibility of your selected sources and to be sure you are citing them correctly. Want an easy way to create a works cited page? Use Noodle Tools on the DMACC website: What is HYPERLINK "http://www(dot)noodletools(dot)com/login.php" Noodle Tools? Find more directions for HYPERLINK \l "noodle" Noodle Tools Below. Noodle Tools is a software provided by DMACC libraries to aid students in citing sources in both MLA and APA format. What you will need: Your sources / source information The Noodle Tools HYPERLINK "http://www(dot)noodletools(dot)com/login.php" Site. Log in using (or creating) a user ID When creating a user ID, you may need an additional access code. That code is pasta. Once you are logged in: Create a new project (right side of the screen) Select MLA Starter or Advanced (this is up to you¡­ advanced just has more options for sources) Name your project Create Select Bibliography Start citing by selecting the type of source you are using in the dropdown menu and follow directions provided. source..
Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Social Role of Language: An Annotated Bibliography Diesendruck, G and H HaLevi. "The role of language, appearance, and culture in children's social category-based induction." Child Development 77.3 (2006): 539-53. This journal article examines the function of language, culture and appearance in the social development of both adults and children. The article will provide insight on how adults and children draw inferences from conveyed information. This will help determine whether language affects the development of patterns among children particularly with regard to social category-based stimulation. Given that the article is based on primary empirical research, its findings are authoritative and hence, a credible source for the essay. Agha, Asif. Language and Social Relations. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006. The book examines the function of language in social relations. This source is important in that it recognizes the role played by language in social relationships as well as its effects on the participation of individuals in social activities. Additionally, the source will offer insight on how language affects development of hierarchies, status, kinship, class, gender relations, identity and other aspects of social life. Given that the source bases its findings on scientific data drawn from over thirty dissimilar languages, the information it provides with regard to the interaction among language, society and culture is authoritative. Botting, N and G Conti-Ramsden. "The role of language, social cognition, and social skill in the functional social outcomes of young adolescents with and without a history of SLI." British Journal of Developmental Psychology 26 (2008): 281-300. This journal article explores how language influences "the functional social outcomes" among teenagers. The article will offer valuable information on...
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