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The Theme of Violence in Contemporary American Literature (Essay Sample)


The required information and requirements are uploaded. The requirement is to include 7 to 10 texts, of which at least 5 should be the texts read in this lesson. Need to add 2 books that have not been read in the uploaded outline (but you can only use such book titles). The following are some of the final job requirements, which are detailed in the uploaded file. Also help with a big headline.
In a paper (4-7 pages), explain what the topic is and why you chose it. Then discuss each text, and what it will add to the discussion of the topic, and demonstrate the development of the literary movement. A wonderful essay will show how a text can draw inspiration from other texts based on the natural transition between paragraphs. There is no text summary. This is an analysis and synthesis task. Note that you can avoid repetition by choosing some text that makes the topic interesting.
Literary movement:
This semester, we read works representing the key turning point in literature after the Civil War. Many changes have taken place in the world, and the literature has become a record of such changes. Usually, this change means a new voice, a new perspective on experience, a new way of expressing ideas and experience, and a new way of thinking about language and form.
Naturalism-Emphasize details and emphasize the impact of environment and society on individuals and the environment. We can see this in their eyes, they look at God and Ethan Fromm.
Realism-very similar to naturalism; almost like a written documentary. Little interest in romanticizing details. The same example.
The turn of the century—before the First World War. Sometimes called the golden age. The best example ever is "The Great Gatsby."
Modernism-influenced by the violence and chaos of the First World War. It is characterized by destructiveness and interest in equating language with emotion, distrust of "meaning" or "grand narrative", and is usually experimental and non-linear. We saw this in "Cold Blood".
Postmodernism-experimental, the intersection of high and low culture, "campaign", performance, destructive, critical, and often chaotic style. Formal ingredients are often subverted. The best we see in "Monster" and the best in "Forest Lake".
Post-colonialism (usually a non-linear narrative that reflects the experience of living in a post-colonial space) (ie, a country that was once colonized by white culture but regained sovereignty, although it is usually rough sovereignty), culture and identity are uncertain The intersection of sex is outstanding. In post-colonial works, you often encounter "magic realism". Magical realism is a place where style and details are super-real, while fantasy elements are also embedded in the narrative, sometimes regarded as ordinary. We saw some on The Roundhouse, but there are many good examples that we haven't read.


The Theme of Violence in Contemporary American Literature
Physical, psychological and sexual violence in contemporary American Literature does not depict the picture of the American lifestyle. It is an impact of historical incidents on a higher level. However, classical literature has several hints to violence, the dominance of racial discrimination covered the theme more than anything (GARCÍA LORENZO María Magdalena and ZAMORANO RUEDA Ana Isabel 56). The post-war age has regenerated the concept contributing to the rationalistic and realistic appeal of violence with creative aspects. The post-war audience, having witnessed the continuous bloodshed, has healthy nerves that the writer can only move them through combat between two territories, rather than those encounters we find in pre-war literature (GARCÍA LORENZO María Magdalena and ZAMORANO RUEDA Ana Isabel 76). The five books in the essay accentuate the revived theme of violence in different forms with a rational approach in American literature.

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