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Someone I consider to be a good person Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Define what it means to be a good person
Introduce the person you have chosen for the speech. (钟南山)
Preview three reasons why you think the person is a good person by your standards.
Examples for the reasons


Description: Write and deliver a 1 - 2 minute speech about someone you consider to be a good person. This person can be real or fictional, living or dead, famous or not, someone you know or someone you’ve never met.
: 1. Introduction
A. Hook - Define what it means to you to be a good person. What qualities and values does a good person have? How do they act?
B. Link/Transition - Introduce the person you have chosen for the speech.
I. Give a little background information about the person.
C. Thesis - Make a clear statement that argues that this person is, in fact, a good person by your standards.
D. Preview - Preview your three main reasons why you think this person is, , in fact, a good person by your standards.
| II. Bodyr A. Main reason #1 I m Example that supports reason #1 B Example that supports reason #1 mm Example that supports reason #1|Lb. jMain reason #2 Example that supports reason #2 SI?- Example that supports reason #2 i. 3. . Example that supports reason #2Be. Main reason #3 Example that supports reason#3 1 2- Example that supports reason #3 3. Example that supports reason #3Conclusion
A. Restate thesis and three main reasonsB. Extension- So what? Why does being a good person as you described it fen your hook matter in the bigger picture of life and the world around


Someone I Consider to Be A Good Person: Barrack Obama
Being a good person is one of the things that almost everyone strives to become. However, not all succeed in being called good people. Partly it is based on how we perceive ourselves and how we perceive others. It is also about how much we are willing to sacrifice to ensure everyone’s interests are catered for. Being a good person depends mainly on how a person can improve themselves and also improve those around them. It also depends on a person’s attitude and how they relate to those around them. One of the people I have always found to be good is the former US President, Barrack Obama. Ever since he came into the limelight, Obama has been nothing but good not just to Americans but to people all over the world. Obama’s goodness has been based mainly on his ability to lead America scandal-free and bring change across the globe.

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