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Social Gerontology (Essay Sample)

Question: Drawing from readings and illustrative examples, discuss the issues and challenges relating to informal and formal caregiving. Analyse the policies and legislations currently in place in Singapore to address the challenges of caregiving. Propose two new policy recommendations to address these challenges and provide reasons to support your recommendations. Note: This TMA may require you to do additional research for a better answer. Journal articles from the UniSIM e-library may be useful, for example those in JSTOR, Project Muse, Blackwell Reference Online, ScienceDirect, SocINDEX (with fulltext). Newspaper articles can be found via Newslink or Factiva. This TMA covers materials studied in Study Unit 2, Chapters 3 and 4 and their readings. Please review the materials in both your textbook and the Study Units before beginning the assignment. In addition, you may find it necessary to perform additional research in order to provide better answers to the questions. You will be graded on the quality of your research and analysis. _________________________________________________________________ It is a MUST to use the textbook Social Gerontology , a Multidiscipline Perspective, Ninth Edition. By Nancy R. Hooyman and H.Asuman Kiyak please write no less than 1375 words. source..
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Embracing Social Gerontology
There are certain things in this world that can never be disputed. One such thing is the growth process. Be it in plants, animals, or any other living thing, growth is inevitable. With growth definitely comes wear and tear. Wear and tear is a terminology that has always been associated with machines: just because they having moving parts. However, a human being has got moving parts in their body: the joints of the human bones form the moving part; therefore they are subject to wear and tear.
As a baby is newly born, so must it grow and age with time. When a baby is born, maximum care is accorded to it: just because it cannot afford to take good care of itself. The same is true for an old person. With ageing, comes weakness. Most of the things that a person used to do on their own become almost impossible to do. Human being has tried all ways possible to delay the ageing process: in fact human being likes the idea of being young and completely despises anything to do with the ageing process (Nancy 1). However much we try we have never succeeded in defeating old age. We can only learn how to prepare for old age and how to live with it once it knocks on our doors. This is where Social Gerontology becomes a fundamental part of the ageing process.
Social Gerontology is the study of, social, psychological and biological aspects of ageing. It includes a number of issues amongst which include: investigating effects of an ageing population on society, investigating the ageing process itself (which in scientific terms is referred to as biogerontology), studying physical, mental, and social changes on persons as they age, investigating the interface of normal ageing and age related disease (geroscience) and lastly applying all this knowledge to policies and programs (both macroscopic and microscopic).
When it comes to caregiving, most people choose either formal or informal caregiving. While formal caregiving is one provided for by recognized institutions i.e. recognized nursing homes for formal caregiving, informal caregiving is provided by private individuals to the ageing: the informal caregivers can be relatives or volunteers for instance. The caregiving process is a tricky process; it requires a person who is fully committed to the process. As mentioned earlier, caregiving is accorded to the ageing who finds it difficult to execute some of the tasks they normally used to do: that is why caregiving needs dedicated persons. Caregivers in their cause of duty encounter many challenges and issues. For instance, infringement of privacy is a major issue. The ageing just like babies, require round the clock attention, a caregiver would then feel that such a requirement makes them spend more time with the ageing than with their husbands or their families.
Amongst the informal caregivers, disruption of family responsibilities; in some occasion work responsibilities b...
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