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Sex Education in Schools (Essay Sample)


Many believe that sex education has no benefits to students. Do you think that sex education should become mandatory in schools? State your opinion and defend it.
A. One approach is to think of three or more benefits. Example: sex education can prevent sexual diseases. Explain how sex education can prevent sexual diseases.
B. Another approach is think of three or more lessons that sex education teaches. Example: Sex education teaches children about sexual diseases. Now you can explain how this lesson is beneficial to children.

Sex Education in Schools
Sex education involves the process of providing learners with information about a number of subjects and issues such as sexual activity and sexual partners, use of contraceptives, child marriage issues, unwanted pregnancies cases, abortion, and sexually transmitted infections among other sex related concerns and the reproductive health. Therefore, sex education has many benefits to students and should be compulsory in schools in order to help students gather important knowledge and skills related to sexual matters, sexual identity, intimacy, marriage and relationships among others. This would help them in making informed decisions about the overall behavior and act responsibly on the choices they make in life.
The increased growth of information in this technological era has enhanced the accessibility of information everywhere and information related to sex is not exceptional and young people can easily access. Students can find numerous sources of sex information from the internet and other media easily. Sex education in schools is therefore an appropriate medium through which the correct concepts about sex can be instilled to students during the early learning stages by they access it and be misled by the highly irresponsible media and other sources. Sex education to students has numerous benefits to learners and it involves holistic education teaching a learner important interpersonal relationships through self acceptance, the right attitudes and skills cultivating a sense of personal responsibility.
Through sex education, learners identify and accept the role of their gender through the acquisition of sex education and knowledge. This serves to reduce the chances of engaging in potentially risky sexual behaviors that lead to negative outcomes such sexual transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Knowledge about sexual behavior develops positive experiences about sexuality to the learners making them engage in meaningful relationships through informed choices in their lives. Additionally, it promotes safety in sexual related activities making young people handle sexual related matters with respect enriching their sexual life later in their lives.
Teaching of sex education to students improves other life related skills such as communication and negotiation skills which im...
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