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The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Redefining The Future (Essay Sample)


Throughout the semester we have moved from analyzing individual arguments to understanding how arguments work within an academic conversation to exploring an inquiry in order to discover our own place within a discussion. Now, in this final essay, you have the opportunity to enter a conversation and make an original and informed the argument in relation to your topic.
In addition to challenging and honing your research and analytical skills, the purpose of this assignment is to practice engaging in conversation with other sources and creating a strong argument, ultimately with the goal of making a productive and
a valuable contribution to the discussion. Thus, these skills will be valuable to you throughout your academic and future careers as you become familiar with important issues in your field so that you may enter into and participate in the ongoing
conversations and research within your discipline.
Specifically, for this essay, you will locate at least 6–8 valuable sources (more if you deem necessary.) Most, if not all of your sources, should be scholarly, but some of your topics may demand other types of sources in addition to scholarly sources. Then, using your knowledge of academic conversations as well as all of the writing and argument skills that we have discussed, and that you have honed, you should engage with these sources to create a productive, sophisticated, persuasive, and original argument.
Things to consider. Do you...
Make a strong and specific thesis that articulates the objective (and argument) of your paper?
Clearly and convincingly support your argument throughout the essay?
Not simply summarize or repeat points and arguments from your sources, but use these sources to enter the conversation and to support your own argument?
In other words, does your essay rely mostly on your own analysis and argument, and do you use your sources to support your points and to provide evidence to analyze and further your original argument (which should be the case)?
Provide detailed descriptions and evidence to support your analyses and claims?
Develop an effective organizational plan for your paper?
Transition well between paragraphs?
Make sure that all of your ideas and claims ultimately connect back to and support and expand your thesis/ argument?


The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Redefining the Future
In a world where new technological advances are commonplace and technology is ever-evolving, the only constant is progression and change. Much like evolution, it is almost virtually impossible for technology to move backward. It is almost always moving forward, advancing and improving with each passing day (Bostrom 34). In such a world, change is a constant factor that must not only be accepted but also embraced. Willingly embracing change allows technology developers to think ahead and innovate, essentially creating the next technological craze. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) may not be moving forward at the same pace that mobile technology is moving, it is moving nonetheless, and towards a brighter, better, and more technologically advanced future at that. While AI may still be taking its baby steps today, it must be accepted that this technology will not only disrupt the society as it exists (like all other great technologies) but also redefine the future of humankind. The vastly diverse ways in which AI can be applied makes it arguably the single most important piece of technology insofar as the development of the human race is concerned.
AI is basically grounded in the need to enable machines to learn, understand, and interact with their environment in ways that human beings would. This essentially translates into providing machines with the capabilities to exhibit cognitive and emotive awareness based on how they interact with their environment. In this way, AI has endless applications, almost all of which stand to improve the quality of life that human beings lead. Ai can not only be used to provide companionship to lonely people, but it can also be applied to solve complex social, environmental, and even political problems depending on how it has been developed and programmed. This essentially makes AI a powerful tool that can be tasked with solving a multitude of diverse problems in ways that are not only logical and rational but also beneficial to the human population. Some of these core industries that stand to be significantly impacted by the application of AI include finance, construction, medicine, agriculture, and engineering, just to name a few. Seeing as the intellectual capacity of these machines has no limits, AI is capable of continuous exponential improvement, which essentially translates into endless viable ways in which problems can be approached and solved (Tegmark 93).
It is this exponential potential that makes AI both extremely appealing and scary in equal measure. The fact that the future stands to possess machines that are exponentially smarter than the smartest human beings to ever live with the capability of conceptualizing all kinds of solutions to global problems raises some serious questions. The fact that almost all forms of AI will be capable of self-awareness coupled with their ability to act independently makes them useful and dangerous in equal measure. The underlying theme insofar as this issue is concerned with control, and how it can be applied to intelligent machines capable of acting independently. The possible dangers aside, the applicability of AI to virtually any field or discipline makes it a potent tool capable of fast-tracking advanced civilization and social development. In essence, AI is undoubtedly a powerful tool that can be applied to address any situation or solve any problem if need be (Harris 83). By eliminating the need for human beings to actively engage themselves in addressing many of these global, social, and personal problems, AI stands to redefine how human beings live in the future, as well as how they spend their time. The existence of super-intelligent machines that solve any problems they are pro...

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