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Revising Paper On Lessons From My First Year Of Writing (Essay Sample)


There are several documents that I upload. The requirements are in the doc named "revising literacy paper 3 pages". Other documents are the papers I have done this semester which will help you with the revising paper.


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Lessons from my first-year of writing
When I began writing, there is a lot I did not know. This led to many mistakes along the way. And with mistakes and potential mistakes waiting to happen, stress was a constant presence. Which of course led to even more mistakes and the cycle repeated. Never mind I was racing against time. Over time though, I realized there are better ways of doing this. With that, I have been learning and improving. Reasons for the improvement is the valuable lessons I have learnt in being a good writer. The lessons and improvements have made writing actually fun. I have less stress, fewer mistakes and I enjoy it. Let us see the lessons I learnt.
One of them is the importance of research. Having to write about a topic, and to write it comprehensively is something I realized made research important. Research also helps organize one's thoughts properly so that one can have an essay that is precise, with ideas presented in a logical manner. I have had cases of essays with ideas all over the paper, which signified poor research. Other benefits I realized research brings is saving time. It also makes writing less stressful. After a proper research and ideas found, getting words to express those ideas on paper becomes an easier undertaking. This is because I will not be trying to grasp ideas out of thin air and form words around them; which is a stressful thing.
Research cannot be executed effectively without proper planning. Knowing what to research about, how to research, which sources to look for and knowing if it is enough is important. These are some of the factors that guide a good research. Topics are not a

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