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Writing Exercise I Exploratory Investigation: Renewable Energy (Essay Sample)


Writing Exercise I: Exploratory Investigation Purpose and DescriptionYour objective in this assignment will be to begin familiarizing yourself with the course theme through an exploratory Internet search. Some of you may already be familiar with the theme in a general sense; some you may even know a great deal about it. The main goal of academic inquiry, however, is not typically to reinforce what we already know or believe—it is to explore and learn from different perspectives, make discoveries, enter into a conversation of ideas, and, ultimately, contribute to the process of building new knowledge. With these foci in mind, please consider the following guidelines as you complete the assignment. Invention & InquiryConsider the following as you develop your paper:• Start with a focused question to guide your search;• Research your question using a common Internet search engine (e.g., Google);• Identify and use at least three different genres for gathering information (one must be a scholarly essay).• Take notes as you examine the various resources you find, with particular emphasis on elements of the rhetorical situation (e.g., authors, audiences, purposes, genres, contexts);• Identify common points of debate and/or argument based on the notes you have taken. Who is making the arguments? What problems are being discussed? What forums are people using to make and communicate their arguments? What seems to be the most pressing issues based on the information you have gathered?


Renewable energy
While many countries rely on conventional energy based on fossil fuels, there has been interest in promoting the renewable energy sources meeting energy security requirements and environmental changes are some of the cited reasons for renewable energy use. While fossil fuels are depleted over time, renewable energy can be harnessed from various sources. Technological advancements have reduced the cost of renewable resources, and a favorable investment is necessary to foster the renewable energy sector (Nasirov et al 2). The challenge in developing renewable energy that is reliable and cost effective, as wind and solar are not available at all times of the year. Even as oil and gas prices are low compared to five years ago, support for renewable energy’s associated with utilizing the cleaner energy sources and reducing greenhouse emissions.
One of the reasons that have been advanced for using renewable energy is that it is cleaner than fossil fuels. Europeans have been more open to adopting such energy sources with biofuels one of the most common since solar and wind energy are less reliable there. However, even the biofuel production resulted in higher prices for vegetable oils. Additionally, since the biodiesels were mostly imported, there was recognition that forests were being cleared for the sake of biofuels, challenging the notion that the optio

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