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consult the following book if you need to:Understanding Movies, Fifth Canadian Edition With Companion Website And Gradetracker I don't care about the sources because I am going to write this essay in my final exam Many of the film techniques have discussed in this course have been applied to fiction film. However, editing techniques, cinematography (e.g. selection of shots/angles), use of sound and the arrangement of various visual elements (mise en scène) are also important in a non-fiction film like Fahrenheit 9/11. Discuss how editing and at least one other component from the above list apply to Fahrenheit 9/11 AND compare/contrast theses films Away from Her Dir. Sarah Polley. 2006. ,Forrest Gump. Dir. Robert Zemeckis. 1994. use similar techniques (e.g. editing, sound, elements of cinematography). The essay should have a clear thesis and the whole essay paragraphs should be related to the thesis Final exam expectations: - Write an organized essay with distinct paragraphs and a specific thesis - Develop your paragraphs with specific examples from the films - Mention some explicit parallels/distinctions between the three films in the question - Cite page number from Giannetti and Leach text if you quote source..
A good film is one that applies various types of film techniques such as cinematography, mise-en-scene, lighting, sound and story structure effectively. It will be enjoyable to watch due to its high quality and probably hit platinum if it has an interesting developed theme (Giannetti & Leach, 67). This paper critically analyses the similarities and differences of the three Films: Away from Her Dir. Sarah Polley, 2006; Forrest Gump. Dir. Robert Zemeckis, 1994; and Fahrenheit 9/11. Dir. Michael Moore, 2004. It discusses how editing and cinematography components apply to Fahrenheit 9/11 and compares and contrasts this film to other two.
“Away from Her” directed by Sarah Polley 2006
The film “Away from Her” by Sarah Polley is on a man who’s wife has Alzheimer and based on the short story of Alice Munro a Canadian author. To his surprise and amazement the wife of the professor turns her love to another man who is bound on a wheelchair and a patient at the same hospital. The many years (over 40) spent together for the couple seems to be going to waste; however the love she has for his husband is remembered and they end it with an embrace. The shooting of this film has clearly used cinematography i.e. the use of close up, medium shots and wide shots. The editors have greatly used close up shots as they focus on every character in the movie talking or acting; this is emphasized to bring out the details and the actions being done e.g. hugging or kissing. The shooting has also been done on different camera angles; this is especially used to communicate the emotions running through the plot by the characters (Giannetti & Leach, 67). The angles used include low angle shots, straight shots and oblique/tilted shots.
“Forrest Gump” directed by Robert Zemeckis 1994.
“Forrest Gump” Directed by Robert Zemeckis is the story of a man with low IQ but has good intentions. He runs the show with his childhood and only friend. After his mother teaches him the numerous ways to go about life he leaves him to choose his destiny. He decides to join the army and is deployed to Vietnam and gets a chance to meet new friends. He takes control of his life and wins medals through his numerous noble activities such as encouraging people to jog, ping pong craze, writing bumper stickers and songs among others. Despite all this he always remembers his one and only love jenny whose life is in a mess. The theme and story line is on the fact that one can love anyone. This film also applies different film techniques among them cinematography. The editors use close up, medium shot, wide shots and differe...
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