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Reflection On The Essay: Entering The Debate (Essay Sample)


For this short writing assignment, take a few minutes to reflect on the process you just went through in writing your first full-length essay for this course, Entering the Debate. Did anything surprise you, or did this assignment meet your expectations? Were you satisfied with the final draft, or is there something you wish you had done differently? Will you change anything about your writing process as a result of this experience, or did everything works the way you planned it? And most importantly, what did you learn from the process? Compose a short essay of three to five paragraphs (more is okay) describing what you learned from this experience--about writing, about this course, about college, about yourself. This assignment can be used to replace one of the reading response journals, or for adding extra credit.


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Reflection on the Essay
Writing the essay was a great learning experience for me and I believe I will only get better with more practice. The writing process was not easy and I found it difficult to gather enough points to back my thesis. While I put a considerable effort into the writing process, I think it was not enough, and this means that there are things that I will have to change to be better. The writing process was a significant learning point and from now onwards, I believe it will only get better. I was not entirely satisfied with the outcome and as such, I would have to change my writing process for better performance.
I would like to point out that I was not satisfied fully with the final draft. I read Bill McKibben's essay and I interpreted in my own way, taking the position that humans engage in activities meant to protect the planet. I am an individual that believes in the goodness of people. I believe most people are interested in protecting the planet and its resources. Emotions played a big part in my writing process and as such, understanding the points brought forward by McKibben was hard. I think this is the reason why I had difficulties in coming up with points to support my position. I cann

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