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individual who has inspired you "steve Jobs" (Essay Sample)

In approximately two pages, type a response on any international individual who has inspired you. The topic of your paper will be as follows: Inspiration of a prominent international figure. Give your paper a suitable title. Focus attention on the introduction, body, and conclusion of your paper in separate paragraphs without indicating any of these headings in your paper. All papers will be typed on Word, 1” margin, Times New Roman, 12 Font, double line spacing, and black color ink. During the entire term, we will use MLA format for all papers. The research project for the term is as follows: Take any one prominent individual who has inspired you because of this individual's international recognition, influence, and commitment, in your mind, about advancements made in education. Throughout the paper, demonstrate the value that that this individual has to you by indicating your personal philosophy of education based on this individual's inspiration and impact in your life. Clearly state which individual you have chosen. The person I want you guys to talk about is steve jobs. source..
Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Steve Jobs: Insanely great Steve Jobs was an American Icon whose star shone throughout the whole world when he lived and to date he is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in history. His achievements as the CEO and founder of Apple, (AAPL) and Pixar stood out and are unmatched in modern times. What made this man so successful were his unique talents and remarkable and strong self image. He believed in himself he considered himself special. And that is primarily what makes the legacy of Steve Jobs so inspiring, and endearing at the same time. He inspired me immensely; in his life I saw greatness, but also frailty. In his speech I found power, and a compelling humility who had achieved so much. Steve Jobs is a man who did what few have ever done or will ever do, he indeed make a dent in the world, but after all is said and done he was not just a man, he was the man. This iconic leader created the Apple`s cult like culture. I am myself an apple fan-boy for the record. I own Apple products, and they just make it easier for me to work and indeed enjoy life. Steve jobs encouraged the young people in universities especially to follow their passion. One of the most touching speeches I have ever heard was the Stanford University commencement address that was delivered by Jobs in 2005. In this very inspirational address, Jobs encouraged future entrepreneurs, the students who were privileged to be his audience on that day to find their own true path, thus: "You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something â€...
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