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Public Agency Comentry (Essay Sample)

I will Upload all the instruction please follow them carefully, try to number the answers.. I'll post a link for the information that you will need to answer the questions, you can choose any agenda but not older then April 23 and it should be for Sacramento county. Thanks http://sacramento(dot)granicus(dot)com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=22 source..
Assignment 6: Public agency commentary
The agency is formed in parts by three legislative arms of authorities, which include Housing authority, Finance Authority and the redevelopment agency. It main purpose it tied to the various duties of these arms. These duties include financing, regulation and development of all the public projects within the city of Sacramento.
The board is comprised of several members that total up to nine. All the nine members are elected to office to form the city council. One member represents each of the city’s eight districts; the mayor of the city makes the ninth city council board member.
Members of the board in attendance during the council meeting held on the 23rd day of April 2013, in the 1st floor of the city council chamber on the City Hall-915 I Street, were as follows.
Kevin Johnson - The Mayor.
Angelique Ashby-The Deputy Mayor and District 1 Representative.
Allen Warren-District 2 Representative
Steve Cohn-District 3 representative
Steve Hansen-District 4 Representative
Jay Schenirer-District 5 Representative
Kevin McCarty-District 6 Representative
Darren Fong-District 7 Representative
Bonnie Pannell-District 8 Representative
Also in the meeting were the Charter officers who included the following;
James Sanchez the city Attorney
Shirley Concolino the city Clerk
John F. Shirey the city Manager
Russ Fehr the city Treasurer
I come from district 3 and the council member who represented my area in the meeting is Steve Cohn. He was elected to the council, his first time in the year 1994. He has all along maintained a good performance record in the district and was reelected in June 2010 into the board for his fifth term running. During his tenure, his peers have also elected him as the Deputy Mayor, in the 2008 as well as 1996.
The city mayor opened the meeting by welcoming all the members present in the venue. He then welcomed the city clerk to cal the roll to determine if the meeting had the right quorum to commence the meeting. After determining that the quorum was satisfactory with all the members of the board present, the clerk kindly asked all the members present at the meeting to turn their phones to silent as the meeting was now officially open. The mayor then asked the city attorney if there was anything to report out, but the session was closed as there was nothing to report. After the youth at city council group in attendance were introduced and the pledge of allegiance recited, the kicked off without incidences, and the mayor, members of the council and all the member of the public present maintained order throughout the meeting.
For any member of the public to address the council meeting there is a proc...
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