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Mid-Term Assignment. Literature & Language Assignment (Essay Sample)


Classical Chinese political philosophers of the Confucian, Mohist, Daoist, and Legalist schools held a variety of views on the nature of man, which in turn supported their respective prescriptions for the ideal polity. The arrival of Mahayana Buddhism from India in the 3rd century challenged these schools by introducing new perspectives on the nature of human beings and on the human predicament, and these in turn offered the bases for competing Socratic (legitimating) myths. Ultimately, Chinese and Japanese thinkers and political leaders responded to this challenge by developing systems of thought that contested the Buddhist challenge, even while incorporating some of its insights into Neo-Confucianism.
Plaease choose this topic :
d. Tiantai (or Tendai) School of Mahayana Buddhism (you should include references to the Lotus Sutra where appropriate) and Compare and contrast it to that of either the Zhu Xi (Chu Hsi) Rationalist School of Neo-Confucianism
with respect to the following questions:
1. What is each school’s view of human nature? Are human beings fundamentally good or evil?
2. What is the current condition of humankind, and why do men and women find themselves in this situation?
3. How do(es) the Socratic myth(s) (or "noble lie") advocated by each school support a polity/political order that offers a solution to the problem?


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Mid-Term Short Written Assignment
The origin of the Chinese Philosophy can be traced as early as the sixth century BCE which comprised of political and social philosophies. These philosophies were as a result of the fall of the bronze-age society during the Zhou and Shang dynasties. Major political philosophies include the Confucian, Daoist, and Mohist schools of thought. These philosophies advocated for different views on the nature of man and life. Ideas of Chinese Philosophers were applied in both Chinese and Japanese traditional societies for a long time. However, during the third century, Mahayana Buddhism arrived in China from India. Mahayana Buddhism came with a different view concerning the nature of life and man. The Mahayana philosophy differed with the Chinese and Japanese schools of thought concerning the same topic. The Mahayana Buddhism advocated for Socratic myths and beliefs in explaining the nature of man. However, the advocates of Chinese and Japanese philosophies responded by developing systems that responded to Mahayana Buddhism. Unlike the Buddhists, the neo-Confucians believed that there was the existence of the reality and it could be understood by mankind. Despite the fact that these interpretations were different at some level, the school of neo-Confucianism believed that reality existed. However the spirit of the neo-Confucians is opposed to that of the Buddhists.

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