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Life under American slavery was more difficult for women than for men (Essay Sample)

"Life under American slavery was more difficult for women than for men." In an essay of approximately 2 to 3 double-spaced pages (12 point font and 1-inch margins), use “close reading and explication” skills to advance an argument which addresses the above statement (probably by agreeing or disagreeing). You may, if you would like, revise and expand one of your Discussion Board responses, and you are free to draw from Wheatley, Whitfield, Douglass, and/or Jacobs. You should document in accordance with MLA format. Important: You will need an introduction and a conclusion, and at least two body paragraphs. The introductory paragraph must contain a one-sentence thesis statement. Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that indentifies the paragraph's main point. Use specifics from the literature, including quotations, to develop and support the idea articulated in the topic sentence. The concluding paragraph should reiterate and cement the essay's central idea. You should also include a Works Cited page. source..
Name Instructor Course Date “Life under American Slavery Was More Difficult for Women than for Men” “No Compromise with Slavery! No Union with Slaveholders!” said Frederick Douglass. In the 17th century, European settlers in North America turned to African people for slavery. It was believed that African slaves were cheaper and more plentiful labor source than a servant who under contract was to work for a definite period of time usually without pay but in exchange for free passage, and these indentured servants were mostly poor Europeans. Soon the slavery of Africans spread throughout the colonies of America and many African Americans suffered brutally in the hands of slaveholders. Men, women, and children who were enslaved were exposed to humiliation of slavery, whipping, and spending time in hunger and women especially suffered brutally because of one’s gender. This paper in turns agrees with the topic, and analyses how life under the American slavery was more difficult for women than for men. In the 17th century, slavery was practiced in many countries. Men, women, and children who were slaves changed America into an economic power because the enslaved Africans labored to make millions for masters. Many factors such as capitalism, individualism, and racism played a major role in the existence of slavery in America. Capitalism started as a driving force in pushing along the growth of economy, and because Africans were believed to be of lesser value, they were used to promote the wealth, and stature of slave owners. Phyllis Wheatley said, “Some view our sable race with scornful eye” Racism was imposed upon the African Slaves on belief in white superiority, and black inferiority because of dark skin which was seen as a diabolic die (taint by the devil) thereby labeling black people as something less and leaving them dehumanized. American slavery had a huge impact on African men, and women who were owned as slaves. African women especially played a huge role in the slave trade, and not only did they play the role of slavery because of race but also the oppression of the female gender, through the development of economic productivity, family structure, and African sexuality. African women when purchased as slaves were not only ascr...
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