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Legal and Wealth Inequality Reaction Assignment Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


It is a reflection paper. I would like for you to write about your personal reactions to the readings and how race and/or ethnicity have personally influenced perception of U.S. society. I have attached the readings.

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How Race/Ethnicity Have Personally Influenced Perception of U.S. Society
Ethnicity is accountable for many problems that are experienced in the United States society today. Were it not for racial differences, the picture of the society would be a brighter one. Ethnicity is attributed to almost all forms of societal problems including residential segregation, the disparity in income inequalities among the blacks and the whites and discrimination in the provision of healthcare among the blacks and whites among other problems.
I feel that the way the residential estates are segregated today still traces back to the legacy of settlement patterns that were based on colour long time ago. The real estate industry perpetuated discrimination by creating estates that were preserved for whites. Because the whites were given the priority, they would enjoy living in better houses unlike those that were set aside for blacks. The imposition of covenants that determined the tenants of a given estate based on color were another problem created by real estate industry. In my opinion, the separation of residential areas for blacks and whites was an awkward idea which is still haunting us today. Also, it deepened the gap that existed among the blacks and whites. Was not fair for the real estate owners to segregate residential areas based on ethnicity and people still perpetuating this today should be held accountable for racism.
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