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Legal News 5 - Corporate Governance. About Legal News Assignments (Essay Sample)


About Legal News Assignments
You will be assigned ten legal news assignments throughout the semester. Don't forget about them; they are "easy" ways to earn points toward your final grade.
Each legal news assignment will be assigned a topic, relating to the legal topic being covered in class. To earn the full ten points, you must:
1. Research a current news item that relates to the topic assigned. "Current" means a news item within the last six months.
2. Use a reputable news source. Consider researching The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Lowell Sun, or any ohter newspaper from a major city. The Associated Press and Reuters are also acceptable. Do NOT cite to social media, buzzfeed, popsugar or a blog. These are not "news" sources.
3. Your summary must be 2 - 3 full paragraphs, in complete sentences. Please summarize what the news item is, and how it relates to our business law topic.
4. Turn in your Legal News item on time.

Business Law                                                            Name: __________________________
Legal News 5: Corporate Governance

Topic:  You must locate a news article discusses corporate management, such as decisions of the officers or Board of Directors.  You must locate a news article that discusses a corporation and the management issue or decision.  For example, you might locate a legal dispute between directors and shareholders, or an article that discusses corporate ethical decision-making.


 Source and Date of Article:

Summary of Article:

Define a new legal term from the article OR your assigned reading or class notes this week.


Student’s Name
Legal News 5- Corporate Governance
An article in the Financial Times written by Kuchler and Bradshaw on the 9th of January 2019 discusses Apple’s move to hire the well-known Facebook critic Sandy Parakilas, as the company’s product manager in the privacy team. This move by Apple to hire Parakilas is an important ethical decision which seeks to differentiate the company from other technology giants in the Silicon Valley, who are known to break the rules on privacy and data protection.

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