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Leadership and Time Management Writing Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


I have 14 leadership traits that have to be in the paper. I will list them out
Also put in why it is good in life to have time management


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Leadership and Time Management
Leadership is easy to recognize, but difficult to define. As Peter F. Drucker opines, leadership is the enhancement of one's aspirations to higher levels, the improvement of an individual's performance to higher ideals, and building their personalities past limits.A leader has fundamental responsibilities of building and sustaining performance of the team. According to Mullin, good leadership is a subjective judgment, which cannot be assessed based on the financial performances alone. Leadership is a process of guiding and influencing relationships in an organization. The aim of this paper will be to examine the 14 leadership traits, often denoted as “J. JDIDTIEBUCKLE”that are shared among leaders in different fields. It will define, explain and evaluate how these traits assist a leader and how one can identify leaders possessing them. The paper will offer insights on how to distinguish a good leader from the individuals that masquerade as leaders. Finally, it will discuss the time management concept and the reasons why time management is important in life.
In leadership, justice involves the ability of the leaders to consistently and impartially administer systems of punishments and rewards based on the facts at hand. This should be done in such a way that it is seen as fair by others. Offering punishments or a reward based on the situation under considerations. This trait is important to acquiring the respect and trust of others. It displays the fairness of the leaders and aids in cohesion and discipline maintenance in the organization.
Justice as a trait of leaders allows them to stick to the standards and exercise authority in an appropriate reason, time and ways without any favoritism or biases. It strengthened by the judgment ability. As they administer justice, they should also be just themselves in order to gain cooperation. A leader ought to be consistent and steady in order to enjoy success with this trait, which should be in alignment with team expectation standards. Any justice action should be completely in line with the organization's operation principles and values. A leader sometimes is forced to give an explanation of how they reached their decisions, since leaving a space for doubts usually have hazardous and detrimental effects on the success of the business and the entire organization. Leaders also need to apply prudence when practicing this trait and seal all openings of personal feelings.
Judgement is the ability to weigh situations effectively and comprehend effects decisions will have on others. John William Gardnerstated that, judgment and taste are the only two qualities that need to be looked for when hiring employees since, according to him, everything else can be bought by the yards. Leaders equipped with this trait are able to assess situations based on their past knowledge and experiences and make the right decision for the sake of an organization's good. The trait calls for other traits such as tact, emotional intelligence and integrity for it to be effectively applied. This trait can only be learned and displayed, but cannot be taught nor stated thus the team member are watching you constantly and assimilating both the bad and good.
A good and effective leadership must have leaders with good judgment; it allows them to be sensitive and humble to their subordinates. It helps them to make the right decision as opposed to them being right always. Leaders are able to ensure the right thing is known and done by the right people. It forces them to admit they are wrong or even delegating tasks to others, who, in...

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