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Language and Colonialism (Essay Sample)

using the text\\\'s \\\"the tempest\\\" and \\\"things fall apart\\\" compare the role language played in colonialism. and cite at least TWO secondary sources to support your position. Use MLA style to cite and document all sources. 1” margins all around, and numbered pages with your last name and page number in the top right header. 2. A cover page is not required, but your full name, date, and \"World Lit II\" should appear at the top left corner of the first page. When using quotes, paraphrases, or summaries, use MLA Citation Style for in. - text citations and the works cited page (required) Save your essay under your last name as a .doc (My Thesis Proposal. I will discuss Things Fall Apart and The Tempest both share the theme of colonialism. In this essay I will look at the efficiency and inefficiency of the native and \\\"civilized\\\" language of the colonized and colonist. Things fall apart looks at the tragedy of what could of been a great leader, a tragedy which is was brought on by weapons brought to the culture through colonialism. The colonist and the colonized do not understand each other\\\'s language this resulted in clash of cultures, The colonist brings a translator to the village without knowing that each tribe\\\'s language is complex and different from the other, the village people made laughter of the colonist and his translator meanwhile he looks down on them because they do not understand english. The Tempest, Caliban was cheated out of his of his inheritance of governing the island by an outsider an outsider who he taught how to use to magical books which him(colonist) prosperity. In the Tempest Miranda teaches Caliban english/ the language of the colonist which he has difficulty learning Prospero sees this inability to learn civilized language as being ungrateful. Language plays a major role in exposing cultural differences the cultures share. No language is supreme, both english and the native language of the colonized is complex yet the colonist in both stories tend to have a belief that their language is supreme. ) - Things fall Apart -The Tempest (teache response. I love how you focus on the issue of language as a tool of colonialism. This clearly fits with The Tempest, where Caliban is assimilated by learning English, but later rejects it as a symbolic rejection of Prospero\\\'s colonization of the island. The use of language in Things Fall Apart is more complex, as you point out. The missionaries come with translators, which seems to be a sign of respect. But this is just a step towards setting up English churches and schools that eventually corrode the Igbo tribe from within. In the end, the issue of language comes up again when the District Commissioner comments that Okonkwo\\\'s tale is worth at least a paragraph in an English history of the region. The fact that Achebe wrote the book from an African perspective and incorporated Igbo words demonstrates his attempt to de-colonize the history and culture of Africa. Don\\\'t forget to include two secondary sources. You may want to do a database search for language in The Tempest and TFA.) source..
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Language is an important aspect of any culture and it can be said that without communication, it is impossible for any culture to develop. Every time there is colonization, the colonists attempt to teach the colonized their own language, no matter how complex it may be for them. On the other hand there is much resistance by the colonized as they may see it as a way of rejecting oppression. The aim of this essay is to discuss the efficiency and inefficiency of the native and civilized language in Things Fall Apart and The Tempest.
Things Fall Apart
The novel Things Fall Apart was written by Chinua Achebe in 1959 and is considered to be one of the most popular postcolonial critiques of the 20th century. The main themes covered in the novel are of the continuous conflict between following tradition and accepting change, masculinity and perceived by different characters, and the cultural difference that language brings CITATION Abi00 \l 1033 (Irele).
The novel follows the story of Okonkwo, a well-known warrior belonging to a rich family in Umuofia clan, one of the nine lower Nigerian tribes CITATION Chi94 \l 1033 (Achebe). His father, Unoka, known to be a coward, died in a disrepute leaving the village in debt. Okonkwo fears his 12 years son, Nwoye, will end up the same way. He ends up winning a virgin and 14 years old boy, Ikemefune, in one of the settlements and ends up developing a strong attachment with him and his son.
Ikemefune turns out to be a more masculine boy than Nwoye and soon wins over Okonkwo until the oracle calls for his death. He also says that the boy cannot be killed by Okonkwo himself but he is the one who ends up killing Ikemefuna so protect his masculine image in the tribe. During the funeral procession of one of the tribe elders, Ogbuefi, Okonkwo ends up killing his 16 years old son which results in his exile to Mbanta for seven years.
Soon after his exile the village of Mbanta is taken over by white men who bring in an interpreter, Mr. Kiaga, with them to communicate with the villagers. The missionaries preach Christianity but their ways are subtle until the death of their leader Mr. Brown resulting in Reverend James taking over. The villagers are quite doubtful of the colonists especially because they are unable to speak their language. They believe that the colonists can`t possibly know about their customs and traditions without speaking their language. This though is voiced by Obierika when he says "does the white man understand our custom about land? How can he when he does not even speak our tongue?;. While they seem to be offended by the white man, they are also disappointed at their own clan members for falling in their trap.
In a series of events, one of the colonists, Enoch, ends up disrespecting the villagers by unmasking an egwugwu. In response, the egwug...
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