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Personal Statement (Personal Statement Sample)

Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud, and how does it relate to the person you are? source..
Personal Statement
My personal quality that is critical to me is my ability to cope with people of all characters, the ill intended people and the well intended ones. Whether one has unsatisfactory or good intentions, a drunk or a drug addict, I have this ability to cope with them that I count as a blessing or gift from God. This helps me to maintain good relations with almost every person. The best thing about this trait is that I hardly fall into conflict with anyone. This promotes my relations as well as interaction with all sorts of people especially the ill intended.
Many people have different characteristics and qualities. The ability to understand all sorts of people with different characteristics is a trait that I treasure a lot for it makes me a peace creator and not a peace interrupter. Many people hardly are able to put up with people like the drug addicts, drunks, smokers and the law breakers. To create friendship with such people calls for tolerance ability and understanding of those people as they are. If one takes people as they are with little concerns about what they do for a living or what problem they have or what things do they do and you do not, you will hardly fall into conflict with them. My secret in coping with such people is my nature of not being nosy and having no urge to dig ion other people`s undertakings.
I came to train myself to be as I am after a number of confrontations with people. One day I felt the need to avoid confrontations with people at all costs. After days of pondering and research, I found out that people hardly fall into conflict if they make other people`s business none of their business as much they could be able to. I personally tried out the idea of keeping my nose out of other people`s (my friends or not) business. After several months of trying this out, I found that I hardly fell into fights or arguments with people. People have a tendency of keeping their noses out others` business if they find out that those others do not meddle with their business.
This trait has helped me as a person to be a peace maker when dealing with conflicts. By this, I mean that, having understood both of the conflicting parties one is able to strike a meeting of mind amongst them, hence be able to solve their conflict. This also helps those persons in businesses to attract all sorts of costumers. This trait should be considered good for business, peaceful coexistence and solving conflicts amongst conflicting parties. When one hardly falls in conflict with others, he/she experien...
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