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Impact of computers on children (Essay Sample)

Title: Are children consumed by the internet? What is the impact of computers on children? I need 3 thesis statement each thesis statement you have to explain each statement with examples and the three thesis it have underlined.. Please don't forget underlined the thesis. And the thesis is at the end of introduction part. Introduction: The Introduction has to includes Sentences one  Attention grabber; data, stats, rhetorical question Sentences 2 to 8  give a definition of topics establishing context Sentences 7  Refutation ( pro –choice ) Sentence 8 to 10  Three thesis statements The thesis statements have to have two parts. Part one Assertion: Pros claim, statement and position Part two Topics: Controls, numerical signals and three topics Series: Tense have to be the same, syllabication and words HIGHLIGHT THE THREE THESIS STATEMENTS ON THE INTRODUCTION. Body paragraphs: - The Body paragraphs has to have three paragraphs - Give Three examples from the three thesis statement Sentences one - Topic t sentence => assertion plus topic 1 Syntax 2 Thesaurus 3 Sentence types Sentences 2 to 4 - Rewrite topic sentence (subtopics 1) - Give Example # 1 - Explain the example # 1 Sentences 5 to 7 - Rewrite topic sentence (subtopics 2) - Give the second example - Explain the example #2 Sentences 8 to 10 - Rewrite topic sentence (subtopics 3) - Give the second example - Explain the example #3 Sentences 11 - Transition sentence Conclusion: The conclusions have to have 8 sentences - Thesis statement - Topic sentence - Subject verb argument - NO EXAMPLE - NO INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT REFUSING - NO FRAGMENT Notes I need 3 thesis each thesis it have explanation with good example the thesis put underlined each thesis. source..
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Impact of computers on children
In the midst of the growth in internet usage and penetration is the question of the impact of online communication on Children. In essence, the increased use of smarrtphones and personal computers has aided the growth of internet among children. Even though, the internet is a useful education tool, there are increased negative effects on their social and emotional development. The internet is less of an education tool, but that of entertainment where they download apps videos and songs. The internet requires more privacy, which in most cases leads to distant relationships with parents.
The development of children is hampered by rapid online communication as they are bombarded with too much information. This may be lead ...
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