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E-Book Will Not Replace The Paper Book (Essay Sample)


1. The material needs work cited
2. Give strong evidence of your opinion (why e-books won't replace paper books).
3. Double space


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An eBook is a short for an electronic book; it is usually a digital publication readable on an Android devices like smartphones, computers, and electronic readers among other electronic devices. It is the traditional print book that has been made available in the electronic form, while paper books are contents written on papers and bound together with a cover added to them.
There are many reasons why the electronic books will not replace the paper books which include; the results from various studies show that, when it is about reading comprehension, paper books are still the better choice as compared to electronic books. In children, the paper book creates a bond between the child and the parents as they read the paper book together; there is also the centralized attention to the story being read.
Paper books do not have so many distractions like the electronic books have, these many distractions like bookmarking, highlighting and linking which distracts the reader. Reading paper books is relaxing and at times does help one to sleep, as compared to electronic books which could be more hurting than helpful, this is because the screen backlights and the high level of screen luminosity at times does convince the reader's eyes and brain that, it is still daytime outside, this will have the effect of keeping you awake for longer periods than necessary at night.
Electronic books, especially when online also have so many distracting activities running concurrently, for example the usually annoying notifications from many sites, and their frequency which the paper books in comparison do not have and thus it retains one`s attention even better than reading an electronic book.
One is also more likely to finish reading a paper book as compared to an electronic book, which one can just turn off .A paper book is always there for you to see, and as one reads on and bookmarks where they have reached reading, it does act as a motivation when one sees their reading progress. When one is visiting a beach or going for swimming, it is much easier and safer to carry a paper physical book as compared to a $100 electronic reader like device like Kindle, which has the risk of getting stolen if you leave it behind on the beach and go swimming.
Reading paper books allows one to retain more information as compared to electronic books. Paper books are also a show of an intellectual journey, physical reminders; they are also great to share from one individual to another unlike with electronic books.
With paper books one does not have to worry about crashes or viruses, passwords or batteries, paper books do not need them, and thus the brain is freer to remember and worry about other things CITATION Nao15 \l 1033 (Naomi S. Baron). Paper books also make one look smarter and are better at co

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