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Cover Letter for the Profolio (Essay Sample)


Hello. You have wrote for me all my essays through out this semester. I would like you to do my last paper which is my profoliio cover page later. It has requirements, I will attach everything the instructor gave us in class so it can be clear for you. Thank you so much.

Course Title:
Cover Letter for the Portfolio
This English writing course has demonstrated to be remarkably helpful. As a civil engineering student, I had to learn this English course as per the requirement of my study. At the onset of the semester I had some new challenges, however I managed to overcome afterwards. During the course, my instructor was helpful through organized the sessions to be quite practical, giving positive experience. The essay about examining characteristics of a discourse community essay aided assess which areas of my writing required improvement, these areas being format and organization. Fortunately, the first writing was easy and prepared me for better writing on next essays which helped greatly. I moved from creating a simple essay to creating well developed and detailed essay meeting the objectives and following instructor's instruction. As a result, this abridged how to arrange and compose thoughts plus arguments in my writing, and with more practice I will improve further.
I have learned to write an annotated bibliography, examine a discourse community and a discipline-specific essay. By these writings, I have cultured how to apply block quotes, write useful notes, as well as contradict arguments that aid me with the producing quality essays. Each essay supplemented what the preceding essay taught, enhancing skill upon skills. Furthermore, each essay taught me a different thing, helping me improve skills gained before. The discipline-specific text has been the mainly challenging writing of the course. Nonetheless, my researching on past essays plus handouts played a great role in leading me in the right course. Assignments such as class presentation on course topics were helpful when developing arguments and grades plus mark-up drafts formed a platform for further improvement. This course has prepared me for harder researches plus other demanding writing courses I may take during my learning. I strongly believe that such tasks open the mind o...
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