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Christina Rossetti's The Goblin Market (Essay Sample)

Research Paper (8-10 pages): an essay with 8-10 sources that focuses on some area of poetry as explored in the course; a Works Cited page is required; it is NOT the Annotated Bibliography. 2. Annotated Bibliography (8-10 entries): the basis of the research for the paper; each entry should be between 100-150 words. The thesis is focusing on Christina Rossetti's poem "the Goblin Market" but other works by her may be used to clarify the thesis, which is that education is symbolized by the forbidden fruit in the Goblin Market. The protagonists are curious and inquisitive, and they are punished for that. Some background and historical information about Rossetti would be a good idea to include as well. Please don't forget the annotated bibliography, it is very important! source..
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Christina Rossetti’s “The Goblin Market”
Christina Rosetti’s Poem The Goblin Market is a controversial poem that deals with many different issues although it is was considered a children’s poem, but in fact is a criticism of how knowledge and education are forbidden fruits because they make the person ask questions that are best left unanswered. It is also a comment on the society of that time that regarded many issues as taboo. This paper is a look at different parallel themes running through the poem.
Goblin Market' inscribes this love by bringing it home to some rather obscure premises, or rather by making a home for it there, premises dark indeed as far as the symbolic system governing religious discourse is concerned, but which Rossetti claims through a loving, literal adherence to the doctrine of word made flesh. `Honouring the God who becomes man, isn't that to make God incarnate in us and in our kind: daughter-woman-mother?' asks Luce Irigaray in `Femmes Divines,' a question Rossetti in `Goblin Market' may also raise. (DeVitis, 419) The daughterly-womanly-motherly communion of sisters in that poem surely honours and incarnates the divine, and so undertakes what is, strangely and culpably, never presented to us in such terms, says Irigaray, `by our culture, by our religion' . If representing God as incarnate in women is so difficult to accomplish through the symbolic machinery of `our culture,' `our religion,' then the efficacy of a certain literalism, a certain resistance to interpretation -- at least to interpretation which makes the letter something more or less than the spirit -- may become apparent. (DeVitis, 419-420)
Twice William Michael Rossetti recorded that `more than once' he had heard his sister say of `Goblin Market' `that the poem has not any profound or ulterior meaning -- it is just a fairy story'. This denial of deep or hidden meaning in her most celebrated and provocative work protests translation of her poem, especially metaphorical conversion of the tale into `moral apologue consistently carried out in detail'. (DeVitis, 421) C.M. Bowra thought Rossetti's `precise and literal' Christian orthodoxy countered her `naturally Romantic tendencies' as a poet, but she was as much a literalist in imagination as in creed, and her poems, `Goblin Market' pre-eminently, at once incite and frustrate attempts at meaning-mongering. (DeVitis, 424)
William reports his sister's deprecations only to insist `at any rate' that something is implied by the poem's `suggestive' incidents, into which `different minds may be likely to read different meanings' ; thus he models the typical response to the poem, single in inferential desire if diverse in what is brought to bear on the text. (Clerke, 46) That `Goblin Market''s fruit-call continues to tempt readers to find ulterior meaning there -- pertinent variously to sexuality or sexual fantasy, to feminist revisions or at least troubled...
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